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Amy  Mathieson

Amy Mathieson

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  • Comment on: Women film directors, writers decrease in UK

    Amy Mathieson's comment 23-Jul-2013 6:50 pm

    Shocking but not at all suprising statistics! If anyone would like to help increase the number of female directors in the UK we are running a kickstarter campaign right now for 1 Way Up in 3D the amazing story of Peckham BMX. Vive la révolution!

  • Comment on: BBC turns its back on 3D

    Amy Mathieson's comment 5-Jul-2013 5:08 pm

    3D is great for the right projects - imagine if the BBC secured the first rights to broadcast Life of Pi and other exciting content especially now there are glasses free TV's on the market and more on the way. 3D as a tool for filmmakers is maturing and being used beautifully by legends such as Ang Lee and as a 3D producer and director and having made a 3D film, the technology is available to do things cheaply whilst still with quality and care. I don't believe the BBC has invested or marketed the 3D services widely enough. If they were super smart they would film dual at the same time on flagship shows and get three time the value regular 2D, HD 3D and Ultra HD - it's all possible on the same cameras and they would be able to exploit their content through BBC Worldwide globally and make their money back several times over and invest more in new talent and creativity. Amy Mathieson 3D Filmmaker and NFTS Entrepreneurial Producing student.