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  • Comment on: Have your say: UK film industry's future

    B FREESTON's comment 4-Aug-2010 11:39 am

    I'm not at all saddened by the demise of the UKFC. It's record of service to the British film industry is lamentable. Most of its money has gone to induce Hollywood film production companies to use British facilities. The profits go back to Hollywood and so British Cinema is starved. If we create a system where some profits are returned to the UK, then we have a chance. Imagine the knock-on effects for our industry if the profits from Channel 4's excellent low budget 'Slumdog Millionaire' or the 'Harry Potter' series had been retained in the UK? Up until 40 years ago we did have an excellent industry - based on proper distribution. That changed when protection was removed and we couldn't compete with Hollywood. Britain is the only country in Europe that does not protect its film industry. And don't for a moment think that America doesn't protect its industry. The European film industries are booming and improving their balance of payments, and our best indigenous film makers have to go to Spanish film houses for finance. I'm only arguing for a small percentage - say 10-15% of UK distribution being indigenous. In France that figure produces 100 movies a year - and still we get to see as much Hollywood fare as we want. This is a good time for a radical rethink.