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  • Comment on: UPDATE: Melancholia still in competition even as Cannes board declares von Trier 'persona non grata'

    Bill BENNETT's comment 20-May-2011 12:23 pm

    Lars Von Trier has always set himself up as the bad boy of Cannes. This is no different. I watched the press conference and I believe that he just got bored with the dumb questions - questions that should have been of a higher standard - and he decided to spice things up a bit with a few neatly tossed hand grenades. And it did the trick. If you were a journo and you were reviewing your transcripted notes from that press conference, what would you lead with? "Lars Von Trier says he's a Nazi." That's the only decent copy came out of that otherwise boring press conference. Give the guy a break Cannes Board, please.