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Clyde DeSouza

Clyde DeSouza

Clyde DeSouza is Stereoscopic Supervisor, and works behind the scenes with leading professionals in the film making industry.

He is also responsible for creating collaborative environments or advanced media labs for Government and educational institutions to further the knowledge capital of a country.

Twitter: @cly3d
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  • Comment on: As 3D novelty wears off, some experts call for more extreme uses

    Clyde DeSouza's comment 26-Mar-2012 5:17 pm

    Another thing worth mentioning is that the Ravensbourne conference had a superb realtime live stream that made it possible for me to literally watch the talks and participate (via twitter). We need more such conferences internationally, to elevate the level of 3D as a medium of visual storytelling and to a larger extent electronic visual communication itself (teleconferencing, advertising, remote learning etc) Well done the team behind the conference. To the Anonymous (@2:44) Your right in that legacy titles stand to get a second showing, provided they are then with skill and care, like one of the old masters doing a painting... this is rarely the case (Titanic a probable exception). Meanwhile the problem stems from CURRENT films being treated like a 2 hour VFX shot, (which is what 2D to 3D is...a vfx tool to be used to fix problem shots) The result of current 2D films getting up-converted is equivalent to landing at a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant on a busy day,.. ordering a Filet Mignon and because the chef is to busy,,,he runs across the street, swipes 2 burger patties from the local McDonalds and spruces it up to serve the patron... ...while charging him a premium price... now if that doesnt leave a bitter taste in the movie-goer's mouth... Regards Clyde Author: "Think in 3D"