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  • Comment on: An eye on Sky

    CONOR DIGNAM's comment 20-Jul-2011 3:41 pm

    The argument in this piece is a bit of a nonsense. Sky should be obliged to buy all movies made with BFI funding? Even though as a commercial business they don't want to - and their customers don't seem to be demanding these movies either? I'm not sure of the logic of this argument. Why Sky and not ITV, Channel 4 or even the BBC? Just because they make a lot of money from pay-to-view Hollywood movies doesn't mean they have an obligation to support independent UK film makers. Nice if they did. But not something anyone should or could compel them to do.

  • Comment on: Screen launches new European production and financing database

    CONOR DIGNAM's comment 16-Mar-2010 2:58 pm

    Hi - just responding to the anonymous comment above about the difference between Screen Base and IMDBpro, the real point is that our information is more up to date and we are telling users about new films before other services. That is why we have focused on five key European markets to begin with - so we can deliver depth on them using our network of correspondents. We also aim to deliver more information about funding for films etc as the service develops. This is a work in development so we value all feedback about how it can be improved. Thanks Conor Dignam