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Ida behind the scenes

World of Locations: Lodz

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: The Polish city of Lodz boasts world-class technicians, a thriving cultural scene and an innovative film commission, as well as pristine locations and untouched architecture. No wonder it’s a location on the rise.


World of Locations: Canada

Locations from Arctic tundra to major cities are a magnet for major productions.

Screen Future Leaders 2015

Future Leaders 2015: Producers

Find out who are the hottest upcoming producers from around the world.

Doha 2015 cover

Doha Special 2015: digital edition

Download the digital edition of our Doha special.

Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement

Democratising distribution

Many producers are turning to direct distribution to get their films in front of audiences. Ian Sandwell reports on the growing trend and hears about the pros and cons from those who have taken the path.

France Focus: producers

French producers are rising to the challenges in the changing landscape of finance and production. Melanie Goodfellow meets some of the most enterprising players.

Two Friends

France Focus: fast forward

As France celebrates 120 years of cinema, its film industry is facing economic pressures and a production downturn. But entrepreneurial producers are already finding solutions.

Cannes 2015: Critics' Week

The full line-up of Critics’ Week world premieres at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.

Amy Winehouse

Cannes 2015: Midnight Screenings

The full line-up of Midnight Screenings world premieres at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.

Yakuza Apocalypse

Cannes 2015: Directors' Fortnight

The full line-up of Directors’ Fortnight world premieres at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.


Cannes 2015: Un Certain Regard

The full line-up of world premieres playing in Un Certain Regard at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.

Cannes 2015: Special Screenings

The full line-up of world premiere Special Screenings at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.

Inside Out

Cannes 2015: Out of Competition

The full line-up of world premieres Out of Competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.

Cannes 2015: In Competition

The full line-up of world premieres In Competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival with details on each title including sales contacts.


Cannes 2015: Film profiles

Screen profiles the world premieres at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Screen Cannes Bumper 2015

Cannes 2015: Bumper Product Guide

Read Screen International’s Cannes Marche bumper product guide.

Screen May 2015

Screen May 2015

Download the May 2015 edition of Screen International here…

Charlie Hebdo: fallout within the film industry

The attack on Charlie Hebdo sent shockwaves through the creative industries. Andreas Wiseman considers the fallout within the film industry and gauges the climate for challenging film-making

World of Locations

World of Locations

DIGITAL EDITION: Showcasing the world’s film, TV and commercial locations.


World of Locations: Oklahoma

States with prime urban, historic and natural locations are providing globally competitive production incentives.


World of Locations: Panama

A film-friendly government is impressing international producers  who choose to shoot in Panama.


World of Locations: New Mexico

New Mexico was one of the first US states to offer film incentives and its 25% refundable tax credit is now well established and reliable.


World of Locations: Illinois

With its 30% incentive, good infrastructure and impressive urban locations, Illinois attracts some big productions and has earned the loyalty of some major film-makers.


World of Locations: Virginia

A major attraction for producers coming to Virginia is the multi-tiered incentive system, although the commonwealth’s historic and natural locations are also a draw.


World of Locations: Taiwan

Taiwan has a tendency to get under the skin of visiting film-makers. Just ask Luc Besson and Isao Yukisada.


World of Locations: Slovenia

Slovenia is a country on the verge. Geoffrey Macnab reports on its stunning locations and efforts to introduce a financial incentive


World of Locations: Scandinavia

Scandinavia is renowned for its locations, highly trained crews, generous local film funds and efficient film commissions.


World of Locations: Mississippi

One of Mississippi’s main draws for producers is the fact that its incentives — which range from 25% to 30% — come in the form of cash rebates rather than tax credits,  saving considerably on paper work and time delays.


World of Locations: Iceland

Iceland’s dramatic landscapes, experienced crews and generous tax breaks give international film-makers a range  of unique shooting opportunities.


World of Locations: Hawaii

Though they often come to the state for specific kinds of locations — notably jungles and beaches — film and TV productions sometimes find ways to get other looks in the island state of Hawaii, alleviating the need for long trips back to the US mainland.


World of Locations: Dubai

Dubai’s dazzling urban architecture is becoming a popular backdrop to international films and TV.


World of Locations: Dominican Republic

The Caribbean nation aims to become a major film-making hub in the region.

Game of Thrones

World of Locations: United Kingdom

James Bond, Macbeth, Arya Stark and the Rebel Forces all call the UK home, thanks to a stellar tax incentive and world-class crew and facilities. But has capacity peaked?


World of Locations: Croatia

Croatia’s enthusiasm and chameleon-like ability to look like other places are helping to woo international productions.


World of Locations: Colombia

A generous new tax rebate and the end of its devastating drug wars have opened up this stunning territory to international production.


World of Locations: Chile

Chile is a country offering a huge variety of landscape and climates, broad ethnic diversity and counter seasons to the northern hemisphere.


World of Locations: Austria

Austria has emerged as an attractive location in the last 12 months.


World of Locations: Argentina

Argentina’s geographic diversity and its easy substitution as settings from Paris to New York make it a magnet for international television crews, commercials and feature film productions.


World of Locations: Abu Dhabi

International film-makers are impressed by the emirate’s aim to become a regional ‘content hub’ and its 30% cash rebate.


World of Locations: South Korea

A good film infrastructure and generous rebate has helped attract two high-profile international shoots to South Korea in the past year.


World of Locations: Netherlands

A new cash rebate is making the Netherlands an attractive location and partner for mid-sized international productions.


World of Locations: Spain

Can a new 15% tax credit — and Francis Ford Coppola — boost Spain’s appeal as an international shooting destination?


World of Locations: Russia

Russia has extraordinary potential as a location for international film-makers but, as insiders acknowledge, this is a tough place for setting up a production.


World of Locations: Morocco

Film-friendly Morocco regularly doubles for Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.


World of Locations: New York State

States with prime urban, historic and natural locations are providing globally competitive production incentives.


World of Locations: Poland

With its competitive prices and highly trained crews, Poland is an attractive partner, even without a tax incentive.


World of Locations: Malaysia

New facilities and incentives are making the territory Asia’s latest go-to location.


World of Locations: Malta

It’s no surprise the world’s biggest film-makers and stars enjoy shooting on Malta, as the holiday island has it all — a California climate, competitive tax rebates and a fun-loving, can-do attitude.


World of Locations: Louisiana

States with prime urban, historic and natural locations are providing globally competitive production incentives.


World of Locations: Thailand

Stunning natural locations are attracting many independent productions.


World of Locations: New Zealand

James Cameron’s substantial use of New Zealand for Avatar and intention to settle there permanently speaks volumes for the territory’s film-making capability and the allure of its lifestyle.


World of Locations: France

France is a costly dream location. But a new and improved financial incentive could be a game-changer for the country in 2016.


World of Locations: Italy

A revamped tax credit has catapulted Italy to the premier league of international locations.


World of Locations: Germany

Germany’s well-established network of federal and state funds, and efficient film infrastructure means many big footloose productions base themselves in the territory.


World of Locations: Ireland

Dramatic vistas, experienced crews and a new upfront tax credit make Ireland a compelling choice for both feature and high-end TV productions.


World of Locations: California

States with prime urban, historic and natural locations are providing globally competitive production incentives.


World of Locations: Czech Republic

Medieval and modernist locations lie just an hour away from forests and mountains.

Jack Sparrow

World of Locations: Australia

The territory’s laidback lifestyle and advanced film infrastructure are big attractions for film-makers and talent spending six months or more Down Under.


World of Locations: Hungary

Diverse cityscapes and cost-effective crew are drawing in Hollywood film-makers.

We Are UK Film: stronger together

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE: We Are UK Film, now in its second year, brings together all the leading national and regional film agencies. It is the perfect initiative for showing off everything the UK has to offer to the rest of the film world.

78.52 poster crop

Frontières returns to Brussels

Screen reports from the fifth edition of genre film market Frontières, which returned to BIFFF for its second European edition.

The Treacherous

Filmart 2015: Hot titles - South Korea

Sales agents from South Korea are in town with a line-up of intriguing character-driven dramas, period action titles and offbeat stories. Jean Noh profiles a selection

Make Room

Filmart 2015: Hot titles - Japan

Japanese companies are at Filmart with a strong line-up of literary adaptations, tear-jerkers and a comedy set in the make-up room of a porn shoot.


Filmart 2015: US falls for appeal

Filmart offers US sellers the chance to establish and maintain relationships with Asian buyers outside the frenzy of the bigger markets in the calendar.

Dragon Blade

Filmart 2015: Hot titles - Hong Kong, China

Liz Shackleton spotlights the hottest productions at Hong Kong Filmart.

Hong Kong

Filmart 2015: Beyond China

Filmart is the centre of the world for global buyers and sellers focused on Asian content. As it enters its 19th edition, Louise Tutt examines its enduring appeal.

HAF Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum

Filmart 2015: HAF profiles

Profiles of projects from the 13th Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF).

Song of the Sea

Filmart 2015: Is there Asian appetite for European films?

With sales companies out in force at Filmart, how much of an appetite do Asian audiences really have for European films?


Call For Submissions: Screen's Cannes 2015 Product Guide

Screen International Presents: Cannes 2015 Product Guide

Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen

Chinese box office: taken by storm

Which films will triumph at the box office over Chinese New Year? Liz Shackleton looks at the high-profile releases vying for the top slot.


Berlin 2015: Panorama Dokumente

Screen previews the Berlinale’s premieres in this year’s Panorama Dokumente section.

54 The Director's Cut

Berlin 2015: Panorama

Screen previews the Berlinale’s premieres in this year’s Panorama section.

Breathe Umphefumlo

Berlin 2015: Berlinale Special

Screen previews the Berlinale’s premieres in this year’s Berlinale Special section.

Big Father Small Father And Other Stories

Berlin 2015: Competition

Screen previews the Berlinale’s world premieres in Competition.

Nobody Wants the Night

Berlin 2015: the coolest premieres

Screen previews the Berlinale’s world premieres in this year’s Competition, Panorama and Berlinale Special sections.

Territory Focus: Spain

Spain is not an easy territory to categorise. In many ways, it is a cinema industry of contrasts.

Battle for the box office

Spain: battle for the box office

Spain has seen a box-office boom in 2014 but admissions were driven by discount ticket schemes. Distributors and exhibitors are looking for new solutions, Juan Sarda reports.

Spain: hot projects

A preview of some of the most-anticipated Spanish productions and co-productions of the year, from big-budget English-language dramas to Pedro Almodovar’s next women-centric tale. By Juan Sarda.

A Spanish Affair

Spain: Overview - a torrid affair

Why are some Spanish producers struggling when home-grown titles are enjoying unprecedented success at the local box office, asks Juan Sarda.

Screen February 2015

Screen February 2015

Download the February 2015 edition of Screen International here including a focus on the European Film Market, a preview of the Berlinale’s world premieres, an Irish tax special, interviews with Arts Alliance and Fortitude International and a territory focus on Spain…

Berlin 2015: a window on EFM

After a relatively low-key 2014, will this year’s European Film Market spark some life back into the independent sector? Jeremy Kay looks at the prospects for deal-making in Berlin.

Robert Redford George Lucas Sundance

Robert Redford, George Lucas

SUNDANCE: Robert Redford and George Lucas helped kick off Sundance’s new Art Of Film Weekend programme with the Visions Of Independence panel at The Egyptian Theatre.

Serious Ladies

Serious Ladies, funny girls

Comedians Lena Dunham (Girls), Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project), Jenji Kohan (Orange Is the New Black, Weeds) and Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, SNL) spoke about women in television and film on Saturday (January 24) at the Serious Ladies panel.

Draken Goteborg

Goteborg Film Festival: Nordic showcase

Goteborg Film Festival (Jan 23-Feb 2) has always offered the best of Nordic cinema but is now attracting more international industry attention. Andreas Wiseman previews the 2015 edition

Backstreet Boys: Show ’Em What You’re Made Of

Backstreet Boys: Backstreet’s back

On the eve of its much-anticipated US opening, director Stephen Kijak and producer Mia Bays reveal why an ambitious event theatrical release is the right strategy for their Backstreet Boys documentary.

Me and My Moulton

Short Films: short change

Short films are more visible than ever thanks to promotional showcases in theatres and online distribution opportunities, but is this translating into more revenues for the format? Melanie Goodfellow investigates

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Rotterdam 2015: artful vision

Rutger Wolfson, festival director of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), tells Wendy Mitchell how the event stays true to its cinephile roots while also having an openness to changing forms and digital models


CineMart Rotterdam: all change

Only projects with 25% of their financing in place have been selected for Rotterdam’s CineMart.

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance 2015: going wild

Sundance Film Festival’s John Cooper and Trevor Groth talk to Jeremy Kay about the ‘exhilarating’ selections in the 2015 edition (Jan 22-Feb 1)


Sundance 2015: hot properties

Screen International’s picks of the hot films at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival (Jan 22-Feb 1).


Cinema bookers: the show business

Time and trust goes into the relationship between distributor and cinema booker. As several influential UK programming directors leave their posts, Geoffrey Macnab looks at the possible impact on the local market


Oscars 2015: Acting nominations in pictures

Slideshow of actors up for leading and supporting Academy Awards.

American Sniper

Oscars 2015: Best Film nominations in pictures

Slideshow of Best Film nominations at the 87th Academy Awards.

The Imitation Game

BAFTAs 2015: Acting nominations in pictures

Slideshow of actors up for leading and supporting awards.

Under the Skin

BAFTAs 2015: Best Film nominations in pictures

Slideshow of Best Film and Outstanding British Film nominations.


XLrator Media boards Amnesiac

Barry Gordon’s distributor has acquired North American rights to the psychological thriller starring Kate Bosworth and Wes Bentley.

Picturehouse Central cinema

UK documentary: big-screen truths

With the UK market growing for theatrical documentary releases, Geoffrey Macnab looks at how distributors and exhibitors are planning event releases and dedicated screens to appeal to documentary lovers

A Patch of Fog

Set Report: A Patch of Fog

Michael Lennox’s debut feature, A Patch Of Fog, is a darkly comic psychological thriller. Sarah Cooper visits the Belfast set

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Weta Digital: Maximum effect

Weta Digital has grown from one computer to a global VFX powerhouse employing 1,000 people. John Hazelton talks to key executives Richard Taylor and Joe Letteri

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything, the making of...

The Theory Of Everything is far more than a Stephen Hawking biopic - it’s a ‘triple helix’ of scientific breakthrough, debilitating disease and a one-of-a-kind love story. Wendy Mitchell talks to the team behind the film