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Scary Mother

Georgia filmmaker Ana Urushadze talks Sarajevo winner 'Scary Mother'

Director on shooting debut feature and why the Georgian film industry is improving.

Oliver Stone Sarajevo

Oliver Stone on 'paying the price' for his Putin series

Oscar-winning director also talks Kim Jong-Un and North Korea: “we never hear the other side”.

Meda Or The Not So Bright Side Of Things

Emanuel Pârvu talks Sarajevo premiere 'MEDA Or The Not So Bright Side Of Things'

Romanian director on the tricky production behind his feature debut.


Semih Kaplanoglu talks post-apocalyptic drama ‘Grain’

Golden Bear winner talks his latest project, which premieres at Sarajevo this week.

Gentian Koci

Gentian Koçi on Sarajevo Film Festival premiere 'Daybreak'

Albanian director talks funding challenges and retaining artistic independence with his debut feature.


Fantasia 2017: Ted Geoghegan on survival thriller 'Mohawk'

Screen talks to director of We Are Still Here about his follow-up feature.


Fantasia 2017: Barbara Crampton on 'Replace' and FrightFest 'New Blood' scheme

Horror icon talks to Screen about her career resurgence and latest film, body horror Replace.

john turturro

Emmys 2017: John Turturro on replacing James Gandolfini in 'The Night Of'

“It felt a little strange, because James and I were very good friends.”

Guy Pearce in When We Rise

Emmys 2017: Guy Pearce on timely gay-rights drama 'When We Rise'

The actor talks about playing real-life activist Cleve Jones in ABC’s drama about the gay-rights movement.


What next for 'Narcos' after the death of Pablo Escobar?

Narcos showrunner Eric Newman reflects on series three of the drugs drama.

Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath

Billy Bob Thornton: 'The independent film world is pretty much gone'

Goliath star Billy Bob Thornton says the TV world is a haven for indie-focused actors.

Lee Daniels

Emmys 2017: 'Empire' creator Lee Daniels has learned to say 'F**k the brand'

In making the move from film to television, Empire creator Lee Daniels has found an opportunity to tell groundbreaking stories and nurture new talent.

Better Call Saul

Emmys 2017: 'Better Call Saul' star Bob Odenkirk on moving on from 'Breaking Bad'

Originally intended as a short-run character, Breaking Bad’s opportunistic lawyer Saul Goodman proved so popular he won his own show.


'Fleabag' star Phoebe Waller-Bridge on cracking America

It may have started as a dare, but irreverent UK TV comedy Fleabag has gone on to international acclaim.

handmaids tale

Margaret Atwood: 'The Handmaid's Tale' reflects Trump's America

“After the US election [we] said, ‘We’re no longer making a fantasy tale, we’re making a documentary’.”

The Young Pope

Emmys 2017: Jude Law looks back on 'The Young Pope'

For his part as Pius XIII in Paolo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope, Jude Law revels in the duplicitous nature of his character.

Thandie Newton

'Westworld' star Thandie Newton "surprised" by career resurgence

For her role as newly sentient android Maeve in HBO’s Westworld, Thandie Newton drew heavily on her humanitarian activism and passion for anthropology.

The Night Of

Emmys 2017: Steven Zaillian on acclaimed HBO series 'The Night Of'

The show’s co-creator tells Screen why the gritty TV crime drama was a challenging but rewarding experience.

The Crown

Emmys 2017: 'The Crown' star Claire Foy on leading Netflix's biggest gamble

As the latest in a line of esteemed actresses to play Queen Elizabeth II, Foy has risen to the challenge of playing HRH as a young woman.

handmaids tale

Emmys 2017: Elisabeth Moss talks 'The Handmaid's Tale'

The Mad Men actress talks to Screen about her most challenging role to date.