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The Legend Of Barney Thomson

'The Legend of Barney Thomson': Review

Dir. Robert Carlyle. UK, 2015, 95mins


'Iona': Review

Dir/scr. Scott Graham. UK, 2015, 110 minutes

Julius Caesar

'Julius Caesar': Edinburgh Review

Shot live and set in a prison, this rough, all-female Shakesperean production is urgent, diverse and relevant

My Pure Land

'My Pure Land': Edinburgh Review

A taut and exciting feature debut by the UK’s Sarmad Masud, based and shot in Pakistan

The Last Photograph

'The Last Photograph': Edinburgh Review

Danny Huston directs and stars in this drama about the aftermath of the Lockerbie disaster

That Good Night

'That Good Night': Edinburgh Review

Sir John Hurt’s final role sees the actor confront the dying of the light

My Feral Heart

'My Feral Heart': Review

Dir. Jane Gull. UK, 2016, 82 mins.


Dir: Ashley Horner. UK. 2010. 97mins

The Kid

Dir: Nick Moran. UK. 2010. 100mins

Jackboots On Whitehall

Dirs/scrs: Edward McHenry, Rory McHenry. UK. 2010. 93mins

Cherry Tree Lane

Dir-scr: Paul Andrew Williams. UK. 2010. 78mins


Dir: Ben Miller. UK. 2010. 80mins