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Sundance Film Festival: Reviews


Last Days In The Desert

By Tim Grierson

Dir/scr: Rodrigo García. US. 2014. 99mins

US Dramatic Competition

Z For Zachariah

By Tim Grierson

Dir: Craig Zobel. US. 2014. 97mins

US Documentary Competition

The D Train

By Tim Grierson

Dir/scrs: Jarrad Paul, Andrew Mogel. US. 2014. 101mins

World Cinema Dramatic Competition

Slow West

By David D'Arcy

Dir/scr: John Maclean. UK-New Zealand. 2015. 84mins

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World Cinema Documentary Competition

Chuck Norris vs Communism

By David D'Arcy

Dir: Ilinca Calugareanu. UK-Romania-Germany. 2014. 80mins

Park City at Midnight

Knock Knock

By Anthony Kaufman

Dir: Eli Roth. US. 2015. 99mins


Benson Lee

Benson Lee, Seoul Searching


The Toronto-born child of Korean parents who left their homeland in the 1960s returns to Sundance after 1998 selection Miss Monday with a unique spin on the teen movie genre based on his own experiences.


JM Cravioto, Reversal


The Mexican film-maker went to the same CUEC film school as Alfonso Cuaron and Emmanuel Lubezki. His English-language debut premieres in Sundance in Park City At Midnight on January 23. Spoiler alert.

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance 2015: going wild


Sundance Film Festival’s John Cooper and Trevor Groth talk to Jeremy Kay about the ‘exhilarating’ selections in the 2015 edition (Jan 22-Feb 1)