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  • Comment on: Warners, Paramount unite with Nolan

    film's comment 9-Mar-2013 7:41 pm

    Over three years ago Steven Spielberg was going to direct this for Dreamwork and Paramount. Years later Steven Spielberg drops out Christopher Nolan takes over the directors chair and Warners take international rights. Year on year Warners have incredible lineups this year with The Hangover III, Pacfic Rim, Man of Steel, The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit 2 and next year with this added to the lineup along with The Hobbit 3 and Wally Pfister's sci-fier Transcendence, Mad Max Fury Road, All You Need Is Kill, Jupiter Accending, Lego, Godzilla they are in for another incredible year.

  • Comment on: Requiem for Revolver

    film's comment 7-Mar-2013 1:52 pm

    Like so many independent distributors in the UK they had success with one film and over expanded spending money that they didn't have and the success they had wasn't repeated. Over the last 20 years so many independent distributors have set up operations within the UK promising so much but either ran before they could walk or been swallowed up by bigger international companies. In the years ahead the UK market will become even harder for the independent market as in with companies like Studiocanal & Lions Gate acquiring small distributors and the merger of Eone with Momentum it will be very tough for any other independent distributor to break in to the UK marketplace and they will be fighting over the scraps that the heavyweight independent distributors don’t acquire or looking much wider for films to fill out their release slates.