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  • Comment on: 'Plague' spreads to London

    Flopsy's comment 11-Jul-2012 4:30 am

    I would have loved to attend this screening but am currently sick in bed. The HIV/AIDS activists have inspired me a great deal in my current struggle against chronic ill health. My questions to the film makers and attendees would have been to ask how other disabled groups can harness the same energy and make the same incredible difference. I have the disease ME and immune system abnormalities. Research is almost non-existant and treatments experimental. ME patients are in the same position PWAIDS were in the 80's yet we can't raise the same interest in the media or public. That could be because we usually live a lot longer and are hidden away for decades before we die. In 30 years I hope that we can say that no one would believe how disenfranchised we are. One thing that is so noticable is how physically well people were and how many physically well helpers were. It takes a lot of strength to organise and demonstrate. What to do when the patient group doesn't have either? I salute the early AIDS activists and admire them.