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Hans-Juergen Maurer

Hans-Juergen Maurer


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  • Comment on: Omar star joins Ali and Nino

    Hans-Juergen Maurer's comment 29-Jul-2014 11:37 pm

    To be precise "Ali and Nino" is not "a jewel of Azerbaijani literature". It may be the most popular book in Azerbaijan of all times, but it was written in the German language and first published in Vienna in 1937 by Tal Verlag. The first translation into Azeri was done in 1970, during Soviet times. This translation was broadcast by Radio Free Europe from Munich into Azerbaijan in more than 50 installments. The first time this novel appeared in print in Azerbaijan was 1990 in the "Azerbaijan Magazine" - dedicated ot literature. The first book edition was not released before the iron curtain fell, namely in 1993. This story plays in Azerbaijan (and a bit in Georgia and Iran), but behind the pseudonym Kurban Said is the author Essad Bey, a Russian Jew who converted to Islam in Berlin in 1923. Currently a book is written about the publication history of Ali and Nino.