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j.lee freeman

j.lee freeman

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    j.lee freeman's comment 6-Apr-2012 1:38 am

    congratz on Bully..for serveral months I've been toiling w/the idea of, after 20-30 yrs.,wat and where are the ppl.who got BULLY'D..wat did they did they fair in life...? I, having grown up w/ppl. whom were bully'd in 1 way or another,have 1st hand knowledge of facts/events in a handful of ppl...and the results varied per person.1 example is Thomas Silverstien.convicted of bank robery and sent to federal prison for a few yrs.and he turned that N2 a life sentence after killing a guard..he was BULLY'D as a kid and made a choice of how to respond,,and I have other lives I'ld love to share.some end in suicide...but wat about the ride thru these lifes,day by day...where it started..did it start w/a sch.mate,a single moms' boyFriend,a brother,sister,cousin,uncle,,ect...? I'ld love a chance for these stories to dictated to print