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Keith Faulkner

Keith Faulkner

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  • Comment on: Technicolor to close Pinewood lab

    Keith Faulkner's comment 7-Mar-2013 4:13 pm

    Film is definately not dead! Here at Bucks Media Services we are now the ONLY full-service laboratory left here in the UK. Much modernised in recent years, Bucks can offer a full 16 and 35mm processing service along with transfer to traditional tape or data formats. We also offer a full range of film-based picture and sound post production and release print services. Also, Bucks currently holds Kodak Image Care accreditation for the quality of its negative processing, which is the highest level of recognition awarded by Kodak to any film processing laboratory. Please be assured that as long as the demand for film exists, Bucks will be there to provide the industry with these services.