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Maggie Walsh

Maggie Walsh

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  • Comment on: Industry mobilises support for Twickenham Studios as Taylor Wimpey in talks for redevelopment

    Maggie Walsh's comment 25-Mar-2012 0:06 am

    I agree that Twickenham is a desirable neighbourhood - I live in a teeny 1 bed flat, that wasn't cheap to buy 8 years ago! There are many new developments going up. The road down from me has seen 2 new developments, where light industrial premises were knocked down: a sign making business, and some warehouses that seemed to breed rats more than thriving businesses. I don't know the difficulty of relocating a sign business, but a warehouse is a big building: not hard to replace, with no cultural heritage. Twickenham Studios are impossible to replace for the cost of the land value. They bring in employment, and support an industry that is important for bringing in revenue to the British Economy. If the Studios are knocked down, they can't be replaced. But affordable housing can be built in Twickenham on a different plot of land. Housing is important, but so id retaining employment within the borough, and retaining the things that make it such a desirable neighbourhood in the first place!