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Mala Bawer

Mala Bawer

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  • Comment on: Rotterdam: Hearing new African voices

    Mala Bawer's comment 9-Feb-2013 4:15 am

    The new voices in this movie are the voices of the young rural students who star in the movie in roles that mirror their own lives and who represent 80% of the young people living in Sub-Saharan Africa who live in villages like theirs without electricity and running water. The long term relationship between the young director and these young people allowed them to tell THEIR story. The film you compare it to is Kenyon's submission for the Oscars, a well done hi-budget film. TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE was in the top 20 of audience rated films and the crew was thrilled to share the company with the high caliber films as the one you mention. Signed Mala Bawer, Producer