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Marc John

Marc John


Marc John founded Quantum Digital in 2001, which has a proven track record supplying UK exhibitors with the most trusted satellite systems and technical support for live alternative content. We also film & broadcast live events via satellite to the big screen as well as sourcing major live events. Previously owner Marc John was Head of Digital Cinema for Odeon Cinemas and Head of Digital Development for Picturehouse Cinemas.

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  • Comment on: CineEurope day 3: Paramount sequels, Pompeii Live success

    Marc John's comment 28-Jun-2013 9:46 am

    Alternative content is the future for cinemas. Within 5-years, cinemas will be opening that show alternative content only, no films at all. The US film studios are missing a trick, just like the music industry did when it overlooked the internet. Every single US studio should be setting up an alternative content department, asap.

  • Comment on: CineEurope: Exhibitors can join forces to boost event cinema

    Marc John's comment 28-Jun-2013 9:27 am

    Back in 2006, I pitched live opera to UK cinema programmers and was laughed out the room. Nobody believed opera would work in cinemas, beamed via satellite or otherwise. I finally got nine Picturehouse screens signed up to show The Magic Flute live via satellite in December 2006, amidst much scepticism. The event was a smash hit. Fast forward to 2013. Opera in cinemas now generates over $12m annually. Within 5 years there will be cinemas opening which will show alternative content only, no films at all. $1 billion is a modest estimate, the world is changing faster and more radically than anyone realises. I saw it coming and I'm still very much involved. As Al Jolson said back in 1927 "you aint seen nothing yet." If nobody can see your vision, let them be blind and drag them along anyway.