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  • Comment on: Steve Jenkins exits as BBC pares back film acquisitions

    MARION PILOWSKY's comment 10-Aug-2012 1:49 am

    A nicer bloke you couldn't hope to meet. Good luck with next steps Steve!!

  • Comment on: CMI appoints James Mullighan to produce EIFF overhaul

    MARION PILOWSKY's comment 22-Dec-2010 12:15 pm

    sounds really exciting!

  • Comment on: Have your say: UK film industry's future

    MARION PILOWSKY's comment 4-Aug-2010 9:06 am

    People are concerned because there seems to be no premeditated plan aside from closing the agency. The government should direct the UKFC to submit a review of independent production in the UK which could respond to specific questions and concerns that they clearly have. This should also include direct responses from independent producers working in the UK, regardless of the support they have or have not received from the UKFC during its tenure. There needs to be a transparent consultation process with a distinct time line to the next steps. Essentially a preventative care approach seems to me the most appropriate course of action. I'm not concerned that the government is going to stop supporting the industry, I'm concerned that the government is not going to support the process and solutions that allow us to sustain an independent British industry.

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