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Martyn Drake

Martyn Drake

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  • Comment on: Warner Bros acquires UK post-production house De Lane Lea

    Martyn Drake's comment 8-Nov-2012 2:25 pm

    Pity us Brits can't do the same abroad - with Disney about to occupy a large chunk of Pinewood and WB buying up things, will the British film industry actually own anything of itself or do we have to rely on Hollywood for everything?

  • Comment on: UK creative leaders urged to take risks; Working Title bosses point to end of studio era

    Martyn Drake's comment 31-Oct-2012 9:20 am

    And what happens if Disney decides to buy Pinewood? How will that affect independent filmmaking then? Will the indies have to start investing in their own studio space to avoid paying potential high rates imposed by the likes of Disney et. al as a consequence of any such buyouts? And Michael G Wilson is a fine one to talk - he seems to have only made James Bond films - where's the diversity? And Bond has been bankrolled by the Hollywood studio system each and every time. We got the Harry Potter contracts here in the UK (as with Bond) as we offer such attractive tax incentives to Hollywood - tax incentives that, unless the government curtails to Hollywood, would see studio money go elsewhere. Us Brits ARE talented, but the US VFX industry is suffering because their own industry isn't providing sufficient support to the home team. Sigh.