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  • Comment on: Rome could move to November under Mueller

    MICHAEL DRAGOTTO's comment 16-Feb-2012 4:56 pm

    What Mueller should do is move Rome to the old Mifed slot which would then MAYBE give all the sales agents the courage to finally stand up to IFTA and say you (IFTA) are moving back to late February (your old slot) because we (and all the buyers!) are no longer going to run around Berlin in the bloody freezing cold (as we just stupidly did!) and we will find an alternative to you (IFTA!) in the Spring unless you indeed move back. I am sure places like Hong Kong, Dubai or Bangkok would figure out a way to accommodate everyone in late February, if given half the chance by all the sellers and buyers! And yes, let Berlin return to its "arthouse" roots for those sellers and buyers that exist in this world - but it is not the world of Summit. IM Global, Sierra-Affinity and 99% of all the other major sales companies! Anyone disagree? And this should be your story, Mr. Goodridge!

  • Comment on: What Went Wrong?

    MICHAEL DRAGOTTO's comment 6-Jan-2011 5:33 pm

    hey mike, happy new year! unless i missed it above(!), you missed one of the bigger (if not the biggest!) holiday clunkers (and i can safely say, both domestically and internationally!) - HOW DO YOU KNOW!!! a likely production cost alone of over $100 million usd (a good half of which went for above the line!!!)!!! and this before P&A!!! take care, michael dragotto p.s. good seeing you in dubai, albeit briefly!!!