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  • Comment on: UK film industry: All white at the top

    Mick Travis's comment 16-Jan-2014 5:25 pm

    The comment by anonymous re; LONDON is also very revealing. People should grasp the fact that the UK film and television industry is specifically organised to serve exclusive select or elite groups and this will inevitably be reflected in terms of its closed shop practices, funding and opportunities and access on the base of class, ethnicity, colour, gender etc and also where you live. Jon Williams at pleasedsheepfilms carefully explained the core issues in his blogs at that site and I would recommend people read them. The digital projection scheme funded with lottery money coupled with Jon Williams suggestion of screens reserved for UK films would have eliminated the problem at the root, since it would have entailed an increased demand of UK product by production companies shooting on digital which would then have access to multiplex cinemas (and revenue). The Government despite its completely fake talk of 'diversity' actually stymied the idea - the BFI are just as fake. The elite mentality is also reflected in television. There have been a number of reports and suggestions to the Government and the House of Lords and they've been steadfastly and repeatedly ignored.

  • Comment on: What we could learn from Iron Man’s Masters

    Mick Travis's comment 21-Feb-2010 7:37 pm

    The idea that the UK has a small handful of IP Mike is just simply daft. At any given time the UK publishing industry from childrens books to genre titles represents a huge wealth of creativity, ideas, stories and characters. That production companies do not tap this probably more illustrates their own lacunae. But Arvind has accurately described why there is no unified approach. Call it the British disease. Every dog for himself. Cliques. Tribes. Class. Opportunism. All eyes on getting out to LA. I also think your comment that Arvind is saying that the British film industry would become a 'sausage factory' completely misrepresents his article and it certainly isnt what I thought he was saying at all. When JK Rowling wanted to film Harry Potter she wanted a British Studio to Produce it. There wasnt one. Loss of millions. Fact. Producers shrug, just concentrate on their film and look to America. Get the money where you can,when you can. It is entirely understandable in such a culture. Who needs leadership or vision - just get the money. The reason why a British unified approach wont happen is because of the British mentality. It is one reason why the US dominates. Every other European country protects their film industry. Not the UK. Why? Well perhaps it is because to forward the ideas that Arvind is representing, or to, for instance, get the British Government to insist that one screen should be exclusively reserved for British films, might jeopardise distribution for British film companies like Working Title in the US? Anger America and you can kiss goodbye to your chances. Keep your head down. Keep things as they stand. Ambition = a passport to America. Its something that the British are good at. What a proud nation of people.

  • Comment on: The price of festivals

    Mick Travis's comment 21-Feb-2010 6:30 pm

    ha ha yes and put it on a mountain top so the buggers'll have to climb up!

  • Comment on: Hunting down film finance

    Mick Travis's comment 21-Feb-2010 5:48 pm

    Oh I get it now. You are going to decide for me what I can and cannot see. Thankyou for that sir. I didnt quite understand. Thankyou very much sir. May I go now?

  • Comment on: Hunting down film finance

    Mick Travis's comment 21-Feb-2010 5:17 pm

    Contradictions contradictions! So what is it then? Re; 'You can't blame the UKFC for you not writing and making something people actually might want to see or a distributor willing to pick it up and release. It's like you entered the Monza Grand Prix in a pedal car facing backwards and then moaned when you lost/were disqualified because you insisted on being so bloody minded.' or that its all down to 'poor scripts' - which I dont believe. This sounds like a lazy excuse to me. Given the hits for internet series like Dr.Horrible exhibitors and distributors are still missing a trick in not understanding that there could be well attended niche audiences for this kind of thing. It just needs cultivating. Is the belief that there is one big mass audience wanting to see the same product or are you saying that the UKFC isnt making films that exhibitors want to show? Given that distributors and exhibitors have in the past not even given such financed films adequate distribution eg; it does beg the question dont you think? This is coming from Robert Carlyle one of the UK's leading movie stars not just one indie production company alone. So whats the problem? Dont the UKFC and distributors/exhibitors communicate with eachother? Dont exhibitors meet with Producers? Or do you sit around saying 'that is not my job' and instead wait for the next US movie to release? How come leading British directors and film-makers are saying the UK film industry is wrecked? Come on Anonymous above tell us!

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