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Morgan le Fey

Morgan le Fey


Ron Howard, Jay Bonansinga, Steven E. de Souza and Chris Vogler taught me to write for the screen. Chris taught me to use the Mythological Hero’s 12 stages based on Joseph Campbell’s THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. I have an advertising/writing BA from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. After 20 in advertising, I’m now following my true love writing for screen and TV. Please check out my IMDb .

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  • Comment on: Daniel Craig to return as James Bond

    Morgan le Fey's comment 17-Aug-2017 5:24 am

    I pray Daniel, you were paid double any other actor who has portrayed 'James Bond' to date including yourself. When I read they forced Dame Judi out as 'M' because of her age, I thought you were gone too and applauded your action. Guess I was wrong then again, get the Broccoli's where it hurts the most...the purse! I did not see 'Skyfall' or 'Spectre' when I read what the Broccoli's did. Then again, when they hired you as 'Bond' and dumped Pierce Brosnan in a phone call rather than call him into the office, tactless people that they are, shows why they are in court so many times. They lost Timothy Dalton as ‘Bond’ in the third go around because they were in court again. It would have been a great one then the role could have gone to Pierce. My ‘Bond’ days are over. I’ve loved the character since Sir Sean portrayed him after having read Ian Flemings novels and short stories. George Lazenby didn’t have a chance when they used footage from Sir Sean’s ‘Bonds’. Alas, Sir Roger made a mockery of the same being. Thank God, Timothy Dalton brought the character back to that which Ian Fleming created. Pierce was stuck with ‘Remington Steele’ too close on his heels as I feel Sir Roger was with ‘Simon Templar’ i.e. ‘The Saint.’ I could never eject that image from my mind. Timothy Dalton is the actor who portrayed ‘Bond’ to the T. He had the short story on the set with him to keep in character as he does with anyone he portrays. I know that Ian Fleming must have written the character with an actor such as him in mind. Look at how many times, he was asked to portray 'Bond.' Good luck, my friend. Again, I hear the ca-chinks in your bank account as I write.

  • Comment on: Scottish government approves £250m studio

    Morgan le Fey's comment 5-Jun-2017 5:10 am

    I'm an American of Scottish descent who wrote 'Robert Burns' the screenplay . I pray that RB will be one of the large budget films to be done in Burns, the man's homeland. The film reaches out to the world at large. JTD

  • Comment on: Scotland suffers from lack of film studios, MSPs told

    Morgan le Fey's comment 5-Jun-2017 4:52 am

    Currently, I pray that my screenplay 'Robert Burns' will be filmed entirely in Scotland regardless of a large studio for interiors. There has to be a way to do so. If anyone has information, please contact me at Help me with contacts through Creative Scotland. They are next on my venue to request funding. Thanks! Janet Thompson Deaver

  • Comment on: 'James Bond' star Roger Moore dies aged 89

    Morgan le Fey's comment 24-May-2017 4:07 am

    I remember Sir Roger as 'The Saint' more so than 'James Bond.' He was a brilliant actor and humanitarian. Thank you, Lord for him. My prayers are with his family. I know he looks down on you from above. The next breeze you whiff has his essence on it.

  • Comment on: UK producer Horizons launches £10m fund for indie filmmakers

    Morgan le Fey's comment 13-May-2017 8:23 pm

    Superior! Thank you Horizons for supporting Indies filmmakers. We need all the help we can gain.