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Robert Mitchell's Comments

  • Comment on: Hugo leads Oscar nominations, followed closely by The Artist

    Robert Mitchell's comment 24-Jan-2012 4:17 pm

    I pray we get Jason Segal et al on stage of the Kodak to do a full scale Muppet-acular of Man Of Muppet. The almost complete shut-out of Drive is shameful. Glad to see some recognition for Rooney Mara's stunning performance in Fincher's Dragon Tattoo. The shut-out of Shailene Woodley is appalling, especially given the presence in that category of Melinda McCarthy. Great to see the old guard of Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Terrence Malick showing how it's done. Very pleased for Gary Oldman in Actor; and A Separation (the true film of the year) in Screenplay. Oscars had exact reverse of Bafta Tintin problem. They couldn't decide if it was Animated or FX so nominated in neither. Bafta nommed in both! The Best Picture nom for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close doesn't seem deserved to me (but seems Daldry, lovely man, can do no wrong). Disappointed not to see Dragon Tattoo in original score.

  • Comment on: The Artist, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy lead BAFTA nominees

    Robert Mitchell's comment 17-Jan-2012 11:39 am

    Someone surely needs to make up their minds as to whether Tintin is animated or a special effect. The fact that it's nominated in both Best Animated Film and Best SFX seems a bit embarrassing! Love the dominance of The Artist, the recognition of Dragon Tattoo's brilliant score, and the Film & Director nods for Drive. It's a shame not to see Tyrannosaur up for Best British Film - it's a better film than 4 of the 5 nominated. I would also have liked to see more range in the inaugural documentary category. This group seems a little star-struck - going for the big names. There were so many great docs this year, Page One, Tabloid, Bobby Fischer Against The World, Fire In Babylon, Nenette, Inside Job, Knuckle, Donor Unknown, Waste Land, Into The Abyss (although don't think that qualified for this year's consideration), etc. Senna will easily win out of those three but there was a lot of scope to be a genuinely interesting category instead of what appears to be the only 3 docs your average person on the street would have seen and voted for. This set feels like those nominating probably didn't watch much of what was out there.

  • Comment on: SPC acquires Nero Fiddled for North America, UK

    Robert Mitchell's comment 22-Dec-2011 3:59 pm

    Fantastic, another Woody i won't have to wait forever to see in the UK. UK Woody fans should also be aware that BFI has 22 film season in January.

  • Comment on: In the mix for Best Picture

    Robert Mitchell's comment 22-Nov-2011 11:33 am

    It will be interesting to see the noms this year given the new 5% rule. I don't feel like i've seen a deserving 'Best Picture' yet, but of those mentioned above i have yet to see War Horse (seeing this week), Iron Lady (next week), Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, J Edgar (WB are hopeless at UK screenings, always late to start and therefore less likely to get seen), and Dragon Tattoo. There have been a number of very good films, but mostly they have strong elements (casts, score, cinematography, etc) but something missing to make them the great film you look for each year to be a definite 'Best Picture'. Some years you get more than one, such as 2007 which had There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men; or 2004 which had Brokeback Mountain and Good Night, And Good Luck (which of course both lost to Crash!) The best picture of the year is A Separation IMHO but the Oscars have never been interested in really looking for a 'Best Picture' so much as a 'Best English-language live-action Picture'!

  • Comment on: Woody Allen unveils cast for The Bop Decameron

    Robert Mitchell's comment 21-Jun-2011 11:55 am

    Can't wait. Can never wait. Not all Woody may be classic Woody but Woody's worst is still better than a huge number of filmmakers can do at their best. Great to see Midnight In Paris is Woody's 4th highest grossing domestic film - his biggest in 25 years, since Hannah And Her Sisters. As long as Woody keeps making them i'll keep watching them.

  • Comment on: UPDATE: Melancholia still in competition even as Cannes board declares von Trier 'persona non grata'

    Robert Mitchell's comment 19-May-2011 5:26 pm

    Absolutely agree his comments were inappropriate and offensive and showed extraordinary poor judgement and taste. My criticism of the festival's hypocrisy still stands.

  • Comment on: UPDATE: Melancholia still in competition even as Cannes board declares von Trier 'persona non grata'

    Robert Mitchell's comment 19-May-2011 2:44 pm

    Wait so 'convicted of statutory rape' Roman Polanski is always a welcome figure in Cannes; and 'pleaded no contest to domestic battery (quite apart from his various - very much not joking - racist, sexist and anti-semitic comments)' Mel Gibson was welcomed for The Beaver this week in Cannes; but 'made an idiotic joke that got out of hand' Lars von Trier is now banned from Cannes for good! Ludicrous. Hypocritical. Nonsense. I actually don't have a problem with Cannes welcoming Polanski and Gibson - i am looking forward to seeing The Beaver - but this is such hypocrisy it needs addressing.

  • Comment on: Screen's second UK Marketing & Distribution Awards open for entries

    Robert Mitchell's comment 5-May-2011 1:58 pm

    Is there a best poster award? If so Howl should be nominated, fantastic poster. But Fox's campaign for Black Swan should win it - stunning artwork and lots of variety. Plus look at the results - clearly worked.

  • Comment on: Grab Your Partners

    Robert Mitchell's comment 4-Mar-2011 12:23 pm

    Fascinating article. Still think it's bizarre (given the mention at the top of award season) that Bafta has no documentary category given the wealth of UK talent in this field, such as Mr Murray

  • Comment on: Christopher Smith, Joe Dante join Paris I'll Kill You

    Robert Mitchell's comment 28-Oct-2010 2:20 pm

    Brilliant! Love the idea (even though portmanteau films are always patchy and horror ones usually worse than most). Just having Dante and Natali ensures my ticket.


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