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  • Comment on: The regional divide

    Natasha CARLISH's comment 25-Mar-2011 8:51 pm

    Less beaurocracy, more democracy is what we, as filmmakers want. It feels as if there's a distinct lack of leadership at a time when vision and a fundamental understanding of what it is to be a filmmaker is crucial. As well as being an independent producer I am priveleged to serve as CEO for the Producers' Forum. We are run by filmmakers for filmmakers and we are passionate about access to training and professional development outside of London. After 8 years in existence we are fighting for survival due to all this nonsense. Dealing with DCMS, BFI and SWM I have found no organisation seems to be prepared to take on leadership or responsibility for providing satisfactory answers and yet aren't these the very organisations supposed to be supporting us? Having just returned from 2 days at the Skillset funded SDF Seize the Future I feel truly inspired to work on new models of finance and distribution. At the heart of this New World lies collaboration, democracy and social entrepreneurship, qualities I fear are sadly lacking in this sorry tale.

  • Comment on: Vaizey, Nevill talk about details of 'transition year' at BSAC conference

    Natasha CARLISH's comment 4-Mar-2011 2:59 pm

    A quota or levy on the box office would make all the difference between the UK film industry being questionably sustainable and being tremendously successful. We only have to look across the Channel to France to see what a great impact it has there. As a filmmaker living and working outside of London, I am cautiously optimistic about the evolution of Creative England and I also look forward to engaging with the BFI in a dynamic and creative way.

  • Comment on: Toronto's Handling says it's a 'fine year' for British cinema

    Natasha CARLISH's comment 13-Sep-2010 11:27 am

    So inspiring to know there are so many great British Films at TIFF

  • Comment on: The post-UKFC future: experts share their visions

    Natasha CARLISH's comment 6-Sep-2010 2:36 pm

    Its really encouraging to read such wise words from the group of industry voices as featured above. The lottery funding, albeit a fraction of what is needed, has made the development and growth of film production in the West Midlands region possible. It would be so shortsighted of the new government not to understand the enormous importance films plays in the UK, both in cultural and economic terms. Lets hope they listen to the above voices, take advice from the industry experts and find a smart way forwards.

  • Comment on: Pact outlines new recoupment proposals to help UK producers

    Natasha CARLISH's comment 22-Apr-2010 3:31 pm

    This is potentially totally business changing for so many of us-what a revolution it would be-let's hope public bodies will understand how important this is.