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ntawirema celestin

ntawirema celestin


I was born on January 25th 1984, in Tare II, in Rwanda. I was then taken to Kenya, where I spent 6 years before we moved back to Rwanda where I lived with my parents. When I was 11, the genocide of 1994 was going on in Rwanda and my parents engaged themselves in the forces to stop the genocide. That’s when I lost both of them. I was left with my sister, we were alone and there was nobody out there to guide us throughout life as vulnerable orphans that needed advice.
My whole family was torn apart and my life was terrible. Having no money to pay school fees, I dropped out of school and went to the street, hoping street life would be better.
After spending quite some years on the street, I started thinking about myself. I made a decision to literally change my life and start a new chapter out of the streets.

I have a gift, I’m an artist. I paint, do silk screening, sing and dance. After getting some training to wake my art up, I was hired by an NGO in Kigali as an arts coordinato

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