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  • Comment on: Framestore CEO William Sargent looks to the future of film

    P PARKER's comment 14-Jul-2016 1:55 pm

    Could not agree more. though it is not the dircetors who are key but the writers, and being able to create compelling short narratives is an art in itself - a long way from McKee and Vogel theories. You can be part of this new universe by joining where this type of develop is already happening.

  • Comment on: Industry mourns Frank Stehling

    P PARKER's comment 9-Jul-2014 9:24 am

    Frank was a key person in connecting new projects with finance and distribution on two continents. The change in the Indian cinema's relationship wit Europe since the first PEX sessions over five years ago is immeasurable, and in no small part due to Frank's passion and commitment. His more recent work on ensuring the continuance of Europe's only MEDIA funded development workshop for children's TV and films, PRIME4Kids, highlights his dedication to development and new talent. The challenge now is how do we live up to this legacy.

  • Comment on: Only 7% of UK films make profit

    P PARKER's comment 3-Dec-2013 9:20 am

    Having just come back, for the fifth year running, from the PrimeExchnage Workshop in India this is one market that has changed out of all recognition in this time. There is now a young generation of Indian film-makers looking to the wprld for their audience, and aiming to make English language films. If we do not radically alter the quality of our work we will have no indigenous film making industry within a generation, and we will be back to the hobbyists of the early '90's scenario.

  • Comment on: Theatrical industry needs boldness and fresh vision

    P PARKER's comment 5-Jul-2011 11:13 am

    On the point about "Encourage and aggressively develop new writers." I could not agree more. Sadly I experience little evidence of this in current distributors/sales agents etc and wonder if Michael believes this is ever going to happen and who will take up this obvious point about renewing and growing audiences with new voices?