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Mr. Gay Syria

'Mr. Gay Syria': Sheffield Review

A moving case for visibility in the face of hatred and violence

When God Sleeps

'When God Sleeps': Tribeca Review

Up close and personal with Shahin Najafi, the German-based ‘Salman Rushdie of rap’

Bones of Contention

'Bones of Contention': Berlin Review

Documentary examines the legacy of the Spanish Civil War, and the mass graves which remain dotted across the country to this day

Mkis Kiet's Children

'Miss Kiet's Children': IDFA Review

Dirs. Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster. The Netherlands, 2016, 114 mins.

Stranger In Paradise

'Stranger in Paradise': IDFA opening film

Dir/scr. Guido Hendrikx. Netherlands, 2016,72 mins.

'Into The Inferno': Toronto Review

Dirs: Werner Herzog. UK/Austria, 2016. 104 mins.


'Liberami': Venice Review

Dir/scr. Federica Di Giacomo. Italy/France, 2016, 89 mins.

'Safari': Venice Review

Dir. Ulrich Seidl. Austria/Denmark, 2016, 91 mins

Ants On A Shrimp

'Ants On A Shrimp': Berlin Review

Dir. Maurice Dekkers, Netherlands, 2015, 88 minutes 

Europe, She Loves

'Europe, She Loves': Berlin Review

Dir. Jan Gassmann. Switzerland, Germany. 2016. 100 mins.

A Family Affair

'A Family Affair': Review

Dir/scr. Tom Fassaert. Holland, 2015, 121 mins.


'Palio': Review

Dir. Cosima Spender, UK/Italy, 2015, 92 minutes

The Visit

'The Visit': Review

Dir/scr: Michael Madsen. Denmark/Austria/Ireland/Finland/Norway. 2015. 83mins

Over the Years

Over the Years

Dir: Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Austria. 2015. 188mins

Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands

Dir/scr/prod: Christian Braad Thomsen. Denmark. 2015. 109mins



Dir/scr: Silvina Landsmann. Israel-France. 2015. 100mins

The Pearl Button

The Pearl Button

Dir/scr: Patricio Guzman. France-Chile-Spain. 2015. 82mins

Fish Tail

Fish Tail

Dir: Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel. Portugal. 2015. 103mins



Dir: Jannik Splidsboel. Denmark-Sweden 2015. 74mins

Censored Voices

Dir: Mor Loushy, Israel-Germany. 2015. 84mins

Good Girl

Good Girl

Dir: Solveig Melkeraaen. Norway. 2014. 72mins

Above And Below

Above And Below

Dir/scr: Nicolas Steiner. Switzerland-Germany. 2015. 120mins

Chuck Norris vs Communism

Dir: Ilinca Calugareanu. UK-Romania-Germany. 2014. 80mins

Something Better To Come

Something Better To Come

Dir: Hanna Polak. Denmark-Poland. 2014. 110mins

Those Who Feel The Fire Burning

Those Who Feel The Fire Burning

Dir: Morgan Knibbe. Netherlands. 2014. 74mins



Dir: Laura Poitras. US-UK-Germany. 2014. 114mins



Dirs: Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius, Henrik Stockare. Sweden. 2014. 94mins


Dir: Jan-Willem van Ewijk. Netherlands-Belgium-Germany-Morocco. 2014. 94mins

Sunshine Superman

Dir/scr: Marah Strauch. US-Norway-UK. 2014. 102mins

In The Basement

In The Basement

Dir: Ulrich Seidl.  Austria. 2014.  85mins



Dir: Álex de la Iglesia. Spain. 2014. 93mins

The Look Of Silence

The Look Of Silence

Dir: Joshua Oppenheimer. Denmark-Indonesia-Norway-Finland-UK. 2014. 100mins

The Shelter

The Shelter

Dir: Fernand Melgar. Switzerland. 2014. 101mins


Dir: Sergei Loznitsa. Netherlands/Ukraine. 2014. 134mins

The Salt Of The Earth

Dirs: Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. France. 2014. 109mins

Caricaturists: The Foot Soldiers Of Democracy

Caricaturists: The Foot Soldiers Of Democracy

Dir: Stephanie Valloatto. France. 2014. 106mins

Red Army

Red Army

Dir/scr: Gabe Polsky. US-Russia. 2014. 84mins

Silvered Water

Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait

Dir/scr: Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan. France-Syria. 2014. 92mins

Dior And I

Dior And I

Dir: Frederic Tcheng, France, 2014. 90mins

The Decent One

The Decent One

Dir: Vanessa Lapa. Israel-Austria-Germany. 2014. 96mins

The Second Game

Dir: Corneliu Porumboiu. Romania. 2014. 97mins

Cathedrals of Culture

Cathedrals Of Culture

Dirs: Wim Wenders, Michael Glawogger, Michael Madsen, Robert Redford, Margreth Olin, Karim Aïnouz. Germany-Denmark-Austria-Norway. 2014. 165mins

The Circle

Dir: Stefan Haupt. Switzerland. 2014. 102mins

Natural Resistance

Dir: Jonathan Nossiter. France-Italy. 2014. 86mins

Last Hijack

Dirs: Femke Wolting, Tommy Pallotta. Netherlands-Ireland-Germany-Belgium. 2014. 83mins

Concerning Violence

Concerning Violence

Dir: Göran Hugo Olsson. Sweden-US-Denmark-Finland. 2014. 85mins

The Green Prince

The Green Prince

Dir/scr: Nadav Schirman. Germany-Israel-UK. 2013. 99mins

Song From The Forest

Song From the Forest

Dir/scr: Michael Obert. Germany. 2013. 96mins

Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

Dir: Andreas Johnsen. Denmark. 2013. 85mins

Everyday Rebellion

Everyday Rebellion

Dirs/scr: The Riahi Brothers. Austria-Switzerland. 118mins



Dir/scr: Antoine d’Agata. France. 2013. 76mins

The Stone River

The Stone River

Dir/scr: Giovanni Donfrancesco. Italy-France. 2013. 88mins



Dir: Thierry Ragobert. France-Brazil. 2013. 85mins


Sacro Gra

Dir: Gianfranco Rosi. Italy-France. 2013. 93mins

Master Of The Universe

Master Of The Universe

Dir/scr: Marc Bauder. Germany-Austria. 2013. 90mins

Weekend of s Champion

Weekend Of A Champion

Dir: Frank Simon. France-UK. 2012. 93mins


The Missing Picture

Dir/scr: Rithy Panh. France. 2013. 95mins

Jodorowsky's Dune

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Dir: Frank Pavich. France. 2013. 88mins


The Dance Of Reality

Dir/scr: Alejandro Jodorowsky. France. 2013. 130mins

Ain’t Misbehavin (Un Voyageur)

Ain't Misbehavin' 

Dir/scr: Marcel Ophuls. France. 2013. 106mins

I Am Breathing

I Am Breathing

Dirs: Emma Davie, Morag McKinnon. UK-Denmark. 2012. 73mins

 My Stuff

My Stuff

Dir: Petri Luukkainen. Finland. 2012. 80mins

 Finnish Blood Swedish Heart

Finnish Blood Swedish Heart

Dir: Mika Ronkainen. Finland. 2012. 90mins

Naked Opera

Naked Opera

Dir: Angela Christlieb. Luxembourg –Germany. 2013. 85mins

Fatal Assistance

Fatal Assistance 

Dir: Raoul Peck. France-Haiti-US-Belgium. 2012. 99mins

La Maison De La Radio

La Maison de la Radio

Dir: Nicolas Philibert. France-Japan. 2013. 103mins

TPB AFK The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard

Dir: Simon Klose. Sweden. 2012. 85mins

The 727 Days Without Karamo

The 727 Days Without Karamo

Dir/scr: Anja Salomonowitz. Austria. 2013. 80mins

F*ck for Forest

F*ck For Forest

Dir: Michael Marczak. Poland-Germany. 2012. 86mins


Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

Dirs: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin. Russia-UK. 2012. 90mins


Google And The World Brain

Dir/scr: Ben Lewis. UK-Spain. 2013. 89mins

The Lebanese Rocket Society

The Lebanese Rocket Society

Dirs/scr: Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige. Lebanon-France-Qatar. 2012. 95mins

A Normal Life

A Normal Life

Dir: Mikala Krough. Denmark. 2012. 73mins

Searching For Bill

Searching For Bill

Dir: Jonas Poher Rasmussen. Denmark. 2012. 75mins

Mussels In Love

Mussels In Love

Dir/scr: W.J.A. Kluijfhout. Netherlands. 2012. 76mins

Bloody Daughter

Bloody Daughter

Dir: Stephanie Argerich. France-Switzerland. 2012. 94mins

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

Dir/scr: Gilles Penso. France. 2012. 90mins

As If Were Catching A Cobra

As If We Were Catching A Cobra

Dir: Hala Alabdalla. Syria-France-UAE. 2012. 120mins



Dir: Fermin Muguruza. Spain. 2012. 98mins


The Act Of Killing

Dir/scr: Josh Oppenheimer. Denmark-Norway-UK. 2012. 116mins


The Tightrope: A Theatrical Adventure With Peter Brook

Dir: Simon Brook. France-Italy. 2012. 86mins 


Virgin Tales

Dir: Mirjam von Arx. Switzerland. 2012. 87mins


More Than Honey

Dir/scr: Markus Imhoof. Switzerland-Germany-Austria, 2012. 91mins



Dirs: Lucien Castaign-Taylor, Verena Paravel. UK-US-France. 2012. 87mins



Dir: Aleksey Igudesman. Austria. 2011. 82mins

Future My Love

Future My Love

Dir/scr: Maja Borg. UK-Sweden. 2012. 93mins

 Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen

Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen

Dir: Gyorgy Palfi. Hungary. 2012. 84mins

Journal de France

Journal de France

Dir/scr: Raymond Depardon, Claudine Nougaret. France. 2012. 101mins

Les Invisibles

The Invisibles

Dir: Sebastien Lifshitz. France. 2012. 115mins

Polluting Paradise

Polluting Paradise

Dir/scr: Fatih Akin. Germany. 2012. 98mins


Anton Corbijn Inside Out

Dir:  Klaartje Quirijns.  Netherlands-Belgium-Ireland. 2012.  80mins

Ulrike Ottinger - Nomad from The Lake

Ulrike Ottinger – Nomad From the Lake

Dir/scr: Brigitte Kramer. Germany 2012. 86mins



Dir: Andrey Gryazev. Russia. 2012.  91mins

Winter Nomads

Winter Nomads

Dir: Manuel von Stürler. Switzerland 2012. 90mins



Dir: Clemence Ancelin. France. 2012. 117mins

The Virgin the Copts and Me

The Virgin, the Copts and Me

Dir: Namir Abdel Messeeh. France-Qatar. 2011.  93mins


Canned Dreams

Dir: Katja Gauriloff.  Finland. 2012. 81mins


Caesar Must Die

Dirs: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. Italy. 2012. 76mins


Negotiating Love

Dir/scr: Calle Overweg. Germany. 2012. 85mins

Death Row

Death Row

Dir/scr: Werner Herzog. US-UK-Austria. 2012. 188mins


Gypsy Davy

Dir/scr: Rachel Leah Jones. Israel-US-Spain. 2011. 96mins

Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man

Dir/scr: Malik Bendjelloul. Sweden-UK. 2011. 85mins


The Will

Dir: Christian Sønderby Jepsen. Denmark. 2011. 88mins


Putin’s Kiss

Dir: Lise Birk Pedersen. Denmark. 2011. 85mins

Big Boys Gone Bananas

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Dir/scr: Fredrik Gertten. Sweden. 2011. 87mins


Meet The Fokkens

Dirs/scr: Gabrielle Provaas, Rob Schroder. Netherlands. 2011. 75mins


The Ambassador

Dir: Mads Brügger. Denmark. 2011. 94mins


Ballroom Dancer

Dirs: Christian Holten Bonke & Andreas Koefoed. Denmark. 2011. 85mins



Dir: Dominic Allen. UK-US-France-Costa Rica. 2011. 84mins

Bad Weather

Bad Weather

Dir: Giovanni Giommi. Germany-UK. 2011. 82mins

Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard

Dir/scr: Carmen Losmann. Germany. 2011. 90mins

El Gusto

El Gusto

Dir/scr: Safinez Bousbia. Ireland-Algeria-France-UAE. 2011. 88mins


Whores’ Glory

Dir/scr: Michael Glawogger.  Austria-Germany. 2011.  114mins


Tahrir 2011

Dirs/scrs: Tamer Ezzat, Ayten Amin, Amr Salama. Egypt-Germany. 2011. 98mins


Gerhard Richter Painting

Dir/scr: Corinna Belz. Germany. 2011. 97mins


The Education Of Auma Obama

Dir: Branwen Okpako. Germany. 2011. 80mins


Crazy Horse

Dir/scr: Frederick Wiseman. France. 2011. 128mins

The Substance – Albert Hoffman’s LSD

Dir/scr: Martin Witz. Switzerland-Germany. 2011. 90mins


Dir: Pjer Zalica. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2011. 105mins

The Flat

Dir/scr: Arnon Goldfinger. Israel-Germany. 2011. 73mins

The Mexican Suitcase

Dir/scr: Trisha Ziff. Mexico-Spain. 2011. 89mins

The Unmasking

Dir: Nicolae Margineanu. Romania. 2010. 82mins

Nobody Knows My Name

Dir: James Nicholson, France. 2010. 85mins

The Look

Dir: Angelina Maccarone. France. 2011. 94mins

Duch, Master Of The Forges Of Hell

Dir: Rithy Panh. France. 2011. 103mins

Walk Away Renee

Dir/scr: Jonathan Caouette. US-France. 2011. 90mins


Dir: Christian Rouaud. France 2011. 118 mins

Michel Petrucciani

Director Michael Radford. France-Germany-Italy. 2011. 102mins

The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye

Dir: Marie Loser. US-France. 2010. 70mins

The Terrorists

Dir: Thunska Pansittivorakul. Thailand-Germany 2011. 103mins

Lost Land

Dir: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd. Fr-Bel. 2011. 75mins

Matchmaking Mayor

Dir/scr: Erika Hnikova. Czech Republic-Slovak Republic. 2010. 72mins

Day Is Done

Dir: Thomas Imbach. Switzerland. 2011. 111mins

Kabul Dream Factory

Dir/scr: Sebastian Heidinger. Germany-Afghanistan, 2011. 82mins


Dir/scr: Wim Wenders. Germany. 2011. 103mins

Mama Africa

Dir: Mika Kaurismäki. Ger-S Afr-Fin 2011. 90 mins

Grande Hotel

Dir/scr: Lotte Stoops. Belgium. 2011. 67mins

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-75

Dir: Goran Hugo Olsson. Sweden. 2011. 93mins

An African Election

Dir: Jarreth Merz. 2010. US-Switzerland. 89mins

Blood In The Mobile

Dir/scr: Frank Piasecki Poulsen. Den-Ger. 2010. 82mins

What’s In A Name

Dir/scr: Eva Kupper. Belgium. 2010. 70mins

Position Among The Stars (Stand van de sterren)

Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich. Netherlands. 2010. 109mins

The Good Life

Dir: Eva Mulvad. Denmark. 2010. 83mins

Aung San Suu Kyi – Lady Of No Fear

Dir: Anne Gyrithe Bonne. Denmark. 2010. 60mins

Thorn In The Heart (L’Epine Dans Le Coeur)

Dir/prod: Michel Gondry. France. 2009. 86mins.



Dir: Yoav Shamir. Israel-Austria-US-Denmark. 2009. 93mins.

211: Anna

Dirs. Paolo Serbandini and Giovanna Massimetti, Italy, 2008, 89 minutes.

When You're Strange

Dir.Tom DiCillo. US, 2009, 90 minutes.