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  • Comment on: 'City Of Ghosts' wins top prize at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017

    RIC PETRONE's comment 18-Jun-2017 3:19 pm

    I was at Tribeca and Sheffield. Great film and access. I'm just a little weary of everything ISIS and Syria. It's so saturated that as good as it is, you just feel like you need a break from it. The one that should be getting huge attention is the Enviro prize winner A River Below. Thats the sleeper. It competes with every doc out there and flips the genre on it's head. It's kind of brilliantly disguised as an enviro doc, but is really a thriller that gets you comfortable and throws a curveball. It's very intelligently weaves some of today's most relevant questions about media and ethics into the fabric of the film. We are such a pack species. Someone really needs to take a chance and step outside of the status quo.