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  • Comment on: A Field in England figures revealed

    Roy STAFFORD's comment 9-Jul-2013 0:59 am

    On the weekend of 30 June, half the Top 10 films at the UK Box Office had a 'site average' of less than £1,259. Of the 17 films that opened that weekend, 5 managed a site average of over £1,259.

  • Comment on: A Field in England figures revealed

    Roy STAFFORD's comment 8-Jul-2013 4:19 pm

    "Average ticket prices at least £10" – true perhaps for London, but not for many parts of the UK (where concessions also lower prices). £6-£8 is more likely the average. I don't disagree with all of the comments here, but careful analysis is more useful than just shouting.

  • Comment on: Lore gets first BFI Sleeper award

    Roy STAFFORD's comment 4-Mar-2013 3:04 pm

    Totally agree. It's a terrific film that needs to be seen by a wider audience. It's good if this kind of intervention is possible because of digital distribution.

  • Comment on: Bollywood's boom and bust

    Roy STAFFORD's comment 8-Oct-2010 4:49 pm

    Sorry for pedantry, but Endhiran (Robot) is not a Bollywood film. The Tamil industry works in a different way despite the tie-up between Eros and Ayngaran. My understanding is that the fan movements in the South are more organised and behave differently to the responses of individual fans to Bollywood/Hindi stars. I'm also under the impression that the Indian business press have recognised that there are two distinct media industries in India and that the South still tends to do its own thing. Nobody ever seems to mention the policies of State Governments but they do have a role to play in the emergence of global Indian companies.