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  • Comment on: UK genre films facing distribution challenge

    S URBAN's comment 30-Aug-2016 11:52 am

    It was a very good panel and a great FrightFest, as always. But as I said from the floor, I really think that television is now the home for more and more British genre including both horror and thrillers. And the business model works! We have had some great ghost stories, Ripper Street and Ben Ross's Frankenstein Chronicles. My miniseries, The Secret, based on a true life double murder, was commissioned by ITV and screened way faster than the films I made in the past. Makes no sense to pour a couple of years' work into a movie any more when they often earn only 10-20% of what they used to...

  • Comment on: Tunisian filmmakers exit Locarno in Israel protest

    S URBAN's comment 8-Aug-2015 2:30 pm

    Boycotts have a sordid and patchy history, in the main. Who would support the US boycott of Cuba? Do any of these BDS people support boycotts of regimes worse than Israel's current govt? The irony is that Israeli film-makers are often deeply critical of their govt in films funded by PLUS Israel Film Fund backs not only their critical work but Palestinian talent. Not all Arabs support BDS. What a shame that these people aim to stifle dialogue at film festivals and deny their own cinema an outlet.

  • Comment on: Creative Europe set for 8% budget boost

    S URBAN's comment 17-Jun-2015 9:36 pm

    As a happy recipient of Media funding, all expansion is welcome. However, the grim facts are that UK and other heavyweights are now receiving the kitten's share relative to size/weight. For example, in the latest awards for development, the so-called 20% success rate is nearer to 4% when you look at the actual stats: 26 submission for 1 award. The small countries have a far higher success rate, if anyone would care to explain. This is where the money will go.

  • Comment on: Broadcast blues

    S URBAN's comment 6-Feb-2015 6:44 pm

    A very cogent and informative article on the TV sales downturn. And of course, if you sell to Netflix for the peanuts they offer small indies or let your film venture onto Amazon Prime for bupkes, you imperil the TV sales that you may, just possibly, get by holding out. Or then you may not! Must stop moaning as I am going back to doing TV drama and it's rewarding every sense.

  • Comment on: Menahem Golan dies aged 85

    S URBAN's comment 10-Aug-2014 11:24 am

    Menahem was one of the first people to give me a break when Cannon Films commissioned my screenplay, though he ended up suing me in the High Court (and losing). We became friendly again years later, and I shall miss this legend of cinema.

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