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  • Comment on: Is boycotting the answer in Israel?

    S URBAN's comment 25-Jul-2014 1:15 pm

    Tony Copti's work above shows the stupidity of any kind of boycott. There has been a consistent history of Israeli film-makers criticising govt policy and occupation in their films, e.g. Eran Riklis's. To strangle those dissenting voices by banning Israeli films beggars belief, particularly when the leader of the Palestinian Authority himself is not in favour of boycotting the main state of Israel, only the settlements and their produce. If you boycott Israeli film for the excesses of its govt, then you must by definition boycott those of all states such as China, Russia et al who breach human rights or stage invasions (USA too) or you are reverting to the Nazis' tactics of boycotting Jewish culture and business.

  • Comment on: Facebook VoD platform wins funding

    S URBAN's comment 21-Mar-2014 4:12 pm

    This is great news for the very enterprising Tom Raffe , and as film-maker whose work is already on Screenburn, I think the platform could now become a standard-bearer with this investment.

  • Comment on: Gilliam backs Borowczyk restoration

    S URBAN's comment 12-Nov-2013 3:21 pm

    PS - plus a theatrical version with 5.1 Dolby premiered at Bafta and now screening at venues worldwide

  • Comment on: Gilliam backs Borowczyk restoration

    S URBAN's comment 12-Nov-2013 3:06 pm

    Wonderful and good luck! My 1997 film Preaching to the Perverted was the first European feature to be restored by its fans via Kickstarter,well exceeding its target, if any of the above team or others thinking of restoring films want to use this model, take a look - we raised enough to do a studio-standard Bluray and bonus features.

  • Comment on: Five face £125m film fraud charges

    S URBAN's comment 30-Apr-2013 4:17 pm

    Well, Keith Hayley co-produced my feature film Preaching to the Perverted and all I can say is that he conducted himself with complete integrity and honesty.

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