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Film Industry Talent is a boutique agency representing an international client roster working in the moving picture industry. The prime focus of the agency is to deliver a bespoke personal management service to a select number of clients, assisting them to their fullest capacity.

We are passionate about collaboration and forging strong relationships - engaging with a wide range of advertising agencies, production companies and entertainment firms - enabling us to work closely with commissioning editors, creative directors, producers & directors connecting them to high calibre production talent and opportunities.

“I see my clients as individual brands - with the capacity and skills to access opportunities across the full spectrum of genres in film and television, commercial, promo and digital media productions”
Tariq Wahr – Managing Director

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  • Comment on: UK film industry: All white at the top

    TARIQ WAHR's comment 7-Jan-2014 5:02 pm

    As an agent I really cannot say that discrimination is the underlined issue. It has more to do with funders, writers, producers and directors wanting to work within a system that reflects diversity in creation and action. I worked at the Film Unit of the FCO for a few years back in the late 90s and saw how the colonial systems of old stifled points of view and filmmaking. It is a huge ask to dismantle and rebuild behaviours that are very deep rooted. It requires a collective desire for a whole new industry reboot! If talent alone leads this will eventually produce a well balanced system that we can all work with. Happy New Year!

  • Comment on: Census reveals more women, less ethnic diversity in creative industries

    TARIQ WAHR's comment 12-Jul-2013 5:31 pm

    The talent is there, it's about creating systems that are friendly to funders, producers and talent - that monitor and track equal opportunities at every level of filmmaking (not obstruct but compliment). Nepotism cannot rein forever and industry organisations need to reeducate their members and not worry about upsetting the gravy train!

  • Comment on: Clooney to receive BAFTA LA award

    TARIQ WAHR's comment 10-Jul-2013 10:38 am

    Very well deserved! An exemplary industry champion who is equally at ease stepping out of the spotlight to shine awareness on global concerns and issues most would not want to take on. Congrats Mr. Clooney!

  • Comment on: EC commissioner unveils Creative Europe programme details

    TARIQ WAHR's comment 23-Nov-2011 3:36 pm

    Considering the present climate across Europe and adjoining Middle East. This news brings hope and encouragement to many creatives treading and bridging these waters. Dare I say 'well done Brussels'!