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The Great Dictator

Secret Cinema screens Great Dictator in Sony protest

Event cinema specialists stage one-off screening in five cities after Sony cancels release of The Interview.

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The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Hobbit retains UK buzz lead

Warner Bros’ climactic outing set for strong second weekend.

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Tugg's Nicolas Gonda & Pablo Gonzalez

Broad Green invests in Tugg

Gabriel and Daniel Hammond’s ambitious finance, production and distribution upstart has led a Series A investment round in the cinema-on-demand player.

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Alex van Warmerdam

Screen Flanders invests $1.9m in eight projects

Titles include Schneider vs. Bax from Borgman director Alex van Warmerdam.

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Frontières at BIFFF 2013

Frontières returns to Brussels

Fantasia’s co-production market to run for a second European edition from April 9-11 during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

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Film Fund Diversity Advisor

£43,143 - £50,472 pro rata

Chief Executive Officer

Total remuneration ~£100,000 + up to 15% annual at risk bonus