Alpes Maritimes, France

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  • Very sorry indeed to hear of Bob Hoskins diagnosis. Good Luck to him in his fight against Parkinson's disease. he is far too young at 69 for us to lose him. Thank you Bob for all the great performances.

  • Mike, you might have added that their are honest people in Cannes as well and honest companies

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    Beware Cannes Scams - Redux

  • Really good choices.

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    Shame, Tinker Tailor, Tyrannosaur lead BIFA nominations

  • Big Mistake on Universal's part.

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    Christian Grass steps down from role at Universal

  • ll very well, but it appears the only HEAD TO ROLL was his own. Bummer. You have to pick your moments and he picked wrong time, wrong place, to get into a fight with French Film critics

  • Just catching up on saved cannes news from SI. this is ver funny. Why do directors have to think they depression = B.O it don't in France. no way.

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    Cannes Agony Meter

  • I used to travel a great deal in africa, and i loved Zim, I never met Mr Campbell, but his courage and bravery telling his story and outlining the injustices committed by Robert Mugabe did indeed, make for a wonderful documentary.

    I send my deepest condolences to his family.
    thank you for punishing this moving obituary S.I.

    Frances Willington

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    Ben Freeth and Mike Campbell

    Farmer who took on Mugabe dies

  • good choice, i love his movies and lifestyle and think he will be an honest P of j for UCR.

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    Emir Kusturica to head up Un Certain Regard jury

  • Well, you haven't missed many out have you!

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    Fremaux faces A-list deluge in countdown to Cannes

  • Very bad no-planning all round.

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    The King's Speech

    The King's Speech pulled from Rotterdam

  • wonderful book.

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    FilmNation closes first deals on Midnight's Children

  • Do i rally want to go to the movies and have a Velociraptor or a T Rex jump out of the screen with it's big fangs dripping gore and more gore.... NO i do not I want to go to the movies and see high calibre acting and directing as in THE KINGS SPEECH, THE READER, etc. fun can be good, i loved ALICE 3D, but Tim Burton is a whimsical genius. PIRANA 3D was fun also but dinosuars...NO...

  • Only in Italy do they mix Prime Ministers, Church scandals, belly dancers of doubtful age, politics, movies and all that goes with them and still get front page headlines. Love it. the land of Opera in truth.

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    Rome opens with star power and local protests

  • Don't blame him for not going why should his award NOT be part of the real ceremony. I'd be disgruntled too.

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    Godard not to travel to US to collect honorary Oscar

  • R.I.P. a truly great film maker, brilliant, innovative and real merit. Rien na va Plus - a huge fave of mine.

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    Claude Chabrol

    Tributes pour in as Claude Chabrol passes away at age 80

  • it's an outrageous move.

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    UK industry reacts with shock to UKFC closure plans

  • I love Emir Kustarica. He's messy, untidy, bearded, long haired and his clothes never look to clean, but I love him. He directed Arizona Dream and for that movie alone he's The Man. he runs around the world with his crappy out of tune Non Smoking Orchestra, but who cares, he has the courage to say every time I see one of my films I want to kill myself. I've never met him, never worked with him, never want too. i imagine he's a nightmare, but completely honest and that very rare breed of avis, totally honest in and about his work.

  • I am glad Of Gods and Men won a big prize and cannot understand why Michel Lonsdale did not get a look in at best actor. A stirring performance on his part.

  • Good for Janus Metuz. I love that Critics Week get a cheque as well as a Trophy. I was once involved in a Critics Week film with the lovely English PR Phil Symes and it won! Yay! Phil was so chuffed when the director told us he'd got a cheque as part of the prize, he bought us all pink champagne! This was many years ago and it was the first time I had worked on a CW film. it was a shoestring budget English, controversial movie, but excellent, and the prize cheque was then in French Francs, but it enabled to director to go on working.

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    Armadillo tops Critics Week winners

  • Maybe I have been very harsh on O.S. FIF 2010. Maybe they have saved best 'til last, Mr Loach got good reviews; Carlos got good reviews; I feel sure Mr Bouchareb will get good reviews, and why not add Mr Mikhalkov, after all he has won a Palme d'Or once, so maybe twice. this is the first Cannes I have not attended for 30 years + so perhaps I was looking for more excitement. What i do know is, it does seem so far to be the general concensus of opinion that Un Certain Regard has a better selection than main Competition.

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    No Cannes Do