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  • If Skolimowski likes his film Essential Killing he should love Vincent Gallo. Vincent Gallo's performance carries the film on his back. Skolimowski's mean comments are disrespectful and ungrateful. Surprised. Thank you Vincent Gallo for your masterpiece performance.

  • Essential Killing is such a wonderful film and Vincent Gallo's performance in it is the best I have seen in films in many many years. I really hope Skolimowski has the courage to work with Gallo again on his new film as the pair make great work together. I saw Essential Killing at the Venice Film Festival in 2010. At the same festival they showed a Vincent Gallo directed film called "Promises Written in Water" which was the best film of the festival. Surprisingly Gallo's film was never released and I thank god I was lucky enough to get to see it. It was stunning.

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    Jerzy Skolimowski

    Jerzy Skolimowski preparing 'catastrophic thriller'