Juliusz Kossakowski, Executive Producer, of Wind Fish Motion Pictures comments on Screen Opinion (see right for full article).

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Yeah, but there is an infinite combination of notes to music and therefore the angle of attack should not be on creation but on the aesthetics of hearing and seeing.

Yeah, technology has democratized music making and is now doing the same to film.

Today anyone can become a film director, mediocre but nevertheless a director, and it clearly shows in the absence of worthwhile themes or styles.

But let's not overlook the other side of the equation, the viewer (and the distributor which purportedly buys in his name) is now dumber, less discerning and educated about cinema, more reactive to hearsay, fad, and fashion. It truly is a case of the least common denominator.

So this supposed democracy has actually resulted in something less vital, an ever more rigid oligopoly - a model so dear to business - doling out the manna to the sucklings.

There is no more such a thing as important film-making these days. Unfortunately the technology and the marketing associated with it are not yet far enough to allow for democratic cinema at the fingertips of the viewer when, where, and what he wants to see.

But maybe this model is an utopian vision that will never be for it is contrarian to the oligopoly. So the almighty technology, as you can see, has done little but to wreak havoc with the intelligence of the viewer, now unable to have an attention span of more than three seconds.

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