China Star has secured a Japanese release through Twins Distribution for its big budget Tsui Hark movie, The Legend Of Zu.

In Korea, Hark's action thriller will be distributed by Poscobo. Outside Asia the film is being handled by Summit Entertainment, which bought it as part of a three picture package through Anant Singh's Distant Horizon.

Distant Horizon is now in talks with China Star's Ann Hung to do a similar deal on Black Mask II, a sequel by Tsui to his hit Black Mask. Where the original starred Jet Li, China Star is now hoping to launch the career of Andy Tien with the new picture.

At MIFED, Hung is also introducing a new Andy Lau film, A Fighter's Blues. The picture which shoots in Thailand is being produced through Lau's own company Teamwork Motion Pictures. Alongside Lau in the starring role is Takako Tokiwa and Nang Nak star Inthira Charoenpura. Hung is already in advanced discussions concerning sales to Latin America and, separately, to North America.