Denmark's most prolific producer Regner Grasten returned to form with his latest film Anja After Viktor, which drew 81,700 admissions ($622,500) this weekend, dethroning local hit: Anders Thomas Jensen's The Green Butchers from the number one spot.

The third instalment in a series, Anja After Viktor (following 1999's Love At First Hiccough and 2001's Anja & Viktor) didn't, however, beat the opening record set by the second film, which took 151,000 admissions and $1.2m (DKR 8.35m).

Oscar-winner Chicago took third place in the chart, despite an impressive - and higher screen average (854 compared to Anja After Viktor's 817) for it's 16 prints compared to the 100-print release for Anja.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Sweden and Norway, Josef Fares' comedy Kopps is riding high in the charts.

In Norway it opened at number one with 99,033 admissions and a high 705 average. By comparison, Daredevil opened with 16,121 admissions and a 403-admissions screen average.

In Sweden Kopps went back to the top of the chart after nine weeks on release, besting Two Weeks Notice as well as new opener The Recruit. So far Kopps has grossed $5,962,206 for distributor Sonet Film and producer Memfis Film.

Finland has also had its own run of local success with the tremendous performance of Bad Boys - A True Story, which is approaching the 25-year-old record local high set by The Winter War with 627,000 admissions, Euros 4.1m in 1989. After 12 weeks on release, Bad Boys has amassed 562,760 admissions and a gross of Euros 4.2m.