This year's AFM Premiere Screenings will include the world premieres of two high profile Kushner-Locke Co movies: Alfonso Arau's Picking Up The Pieces, starring Woody Allen with a cameo from Sharon Stone, and Burt Reynolds' directorial debut The Last Producer.

Sponsored by internet downloading outfit, the Santa Monica screening programme is made open to the public in order to help American Film Market buyers and sellers gauge audience responses. Admission badges are offered at a cost of $95 each.

Also being presented this year are: Intermedia's bawdy comedy Whipped; Newstar Worldwide's Rated X, featuring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez in the porn industry film that was made for Showtime Networks; Gurinder Chadha's What's Cooking', this year's well-received opening night attraction at the Sundance Film Festival; as well as Lakeshore International's latest pickups, The Venice Project and Steal This Movie!

By company, the screenings comprise:

  • Adriana Chiesa Enterprises: Bandits!,Fatal Run, Midsummer Night, On The Beach Beyond The Pier, The Shadow Of The Giant
  • AKA Movies: Ricky 6, Wayward Son, What's Cooking'
  • Alibi Films International: One More Kiss
  • Allied Entertainment Group:Charmed & Dangerous, Duty Dating, Pups, Seventh Veil
  • Amazing Movies/Highland Crest: Bellyfruit
  • American World Pictures: Sacrifice
  • Annex Entertainment: Fall: The Price Of Silence
  • Atmosphere Entertainment: Carlo's Wake, Wedding Band
  • Beyond Films: Looking For Alibrandi, Other Voices, The Wogboy
  • Castle Hill Productions: Achilles' Love, The Followers, Goodbye 20th Century, The Tavern
  • Cinema Mexico: Ave Mari
  • Cinepool: Enlightenment Guaranteed, Gloomy Sunday
  • CineTel Films: Chain Of Command, The Militia
  • Dream Entertainment: 30 Still Single: Contemplating Suicide, More Dogs Than Bones, Valerie Flake
  • Film Artists' Network: After Romeo, Carnivore
  • Full Moon International: Point Doom
  • Global Cinema Group: Sample People
  • Horizon Entertainment: Mr. Rice's Secret
  • IFM Film Associates: Death On Saturn's Moon, Under Hellgate Bridge
  • Intermedia: Whipped
  • Kushner-Locke Co: The Last Producer, Picking Up The Pieces, The St Francisville Experiment
  • Lakeshore International: Steal This Movie!, The Venice Project
  • Mercure Distribution: Le Beau Travail, Une Femme D'Exterieur, Voyous Voyelles
  • Newstar Worldwide: It Had To Be You, Rated X
  • Noble Productions: Sunsplit
  • Overseas FilmGroup/First Look Pictures: Lover's Prayer, Loving Jezebel, My Five Wives, Partners
  • Pony Canyon Inc: 2x2, Give It All, Kochikame, Messengers, Owls' Castle, Seamless
  • Showcase Entertainment: The Book Of Stars, Cherry, Eastside, The Right Temptation, The Sky Is Falling
  • Svensk Filmindustri: Adult Behaviour...It's All In The Mind, Hassel - There's No Mercy!, Pettson & Findus
  • Trident Releasing: Beware Of Greeks Bearing Guns, Four Jacks, Freak, Talk About Sex..., Loser Love, Me And Will, Two Ninas, You're Dead
  • Unified Film Organization: Deep Core 2000