Berlin Film Festival reviews


an elephant sitting still c rediance

'An Elephant Sitting Still': Hong Kong Review

Chinese director Hu Bo’s first and last film is an impressive achievement

Die tomorrow

'Die Tomorrow': Berlin Review

Idiosyncratic doc/drama hybrid from Thailand should pique the interest of festival programmers


'Retablo': Berlin Review

Accomplished first feature from Peru

Shock waves diary of my mind

'Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind': Berlin Review

Ursula Meier probes a real-life murder in this welcome - if brief - return to form

Shock waves: First Name Mathieu

'Shock Waves - First Name: Mathieu': Berlin Review

The repercussions of violent events responate in one of four ‘Shock Wave’ films


'Fortuna': Berlin Review

Winner of Berlin’s Generation 14plus main award, ’Fortuna’ takes a low-key, show-burn approach to a crisis of faith

yocho foreboding c yocho project partners

'Foreboding': Berlin Review

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s five-hour apocalyptic TV series is condensed into an off-kilter feature


'Ága': Berlin Review

A slice of life on the Tundra closes the 2018 Berlinale out of Competition

in the aisles c sommerhaus filmproduktion : anke neugebauer

'In The Aisles': Berlin Review

Thomas Stuber directs this touching romance starring Sandra Hüller


'Mug': Berlin Review

A freewheeling drama about a facial-transplant patient helps to bring Berlinale 2018 to a close

Touch me not

'Touch Me Not': Berlin Review

Golden Bear winner at Berlin is a debut from Romania about physical intimacy

Ramen Teh

'Ramen Shop': Berlin Review

Eric Khoo’s mouthwatering drama premieres in Berlinale’s culinary section

museum c alejandra carvajal 3

'Museum': Berlin Review

Alonso Ruizpalacios strikes out with this wry comedy-drama from Mexico starring Gael Garcia Bernal

eldorado c majesticzero one film peter indergand

'Eldorado': Berlin Review

Markus Imhoof follows refugees as they arrive in a hostile Europe, or ‘Eldorado’


'Unsane': Berlin Review

Claire Foy headlines a tricksy thriller shot by Stephen Soderbergh on an iPhone7

Becoming astrid trust nordisk

'Becoming Astrid': Berlin Review

Alba August shines as Pippi Longstocking author Astrid Lindgren

Fake tattoos

'Fake Tattoos': Berlin Review

Dir/scr: Pascal Plante. Canada. 2017. 87min

Pig (khook)

'Pig': Berlin Review

A bold and challenging film from the Iranian director of ’A Dragon Arrives!’

red cow para aduma alma

'Red Cow': Berlinale Review

An assured first feature from Israel charts a forbidden love affair between two teenage girls

My Brother's Name Is Robert And He Is An Idiot

'My Brother's Name Is Robert And He Is An Idiot': Berlin Review

Philip Gröning returns to test the viewer again with this tale of teenage siblings