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'Jihad Jane'

‘Jihad Jane’: Galway Review

Intriguing documentary about self-styled white American jihadi Colleen LaRose

'Breaking Out'

‘Breaking Out’: Galway Review

Enriching and intimate portrait of late Irish musician Fergus O’Farrell

'A Bump Along The Way'

'A Bump Along The Way': Galway Review

A single mother and her uptight teenage daughter must deal with an unexpected pregnancy


'Patrick': Karlovy Vary Review

Intriguing debut from Belgian director Tim Mielands is set in a nudist camp

'The Father'

'The Father': Karlovy Vary Review

A middle-aged man attempts to stop his widowed father coming off the rails

'Mosaic Portrait'

'Mosaic Portrait': Karlovy Vary Review

A pregnant Chinese schoolgirl finds herself under intense scrutiny

'The True Adventures Of Wolfboy'

'The True Adventures Of Wolfboy': Karlovy Vary Review

A young boy suffering from hypertrichosis runs away from home to find his estranged mother


'Half-Sister': Karlovy Vary Review

Two Slovenian half-sisters reluctantly begin to bond when they are forced to share a home


'Lara': Munich/Karlovy Vary Review

Corinne Harfouch is powerful as a jealous mother who struggles to cope with the prospect of her son’s success where she has failed


'Old-Timers': Karlovy Vary Review

A pair of ageing WWII veterans set out to exact revenge on the communist prosecutor who once jailed them

'Let There Be Light'

'Let There Be Light': Karlovy Vary Review

Let There Be Light: Karlovy Vary Review

'Golden Twenties'

'Golden Twenties': Munich Review

An aimless young woman drifts through life in Berlin

What Might Have Been

'What Might Have Been': Munich Review

A Budapest break brings the past back to life for two former lovers

Stars Above Us

'Stars Above Us': Munich Review

A homeless mother and son struggle to keep up appearances

'Aga's House'

'Aga’s House': Karlovy Vary Review

A group of women live alone in a remote mountain location in Kosovo


‘Schemers’: Edinburgh Review

A concert promoter tries to stage an Iron Maiden concert in 1980s Dundee


'Monsoon': Karlovy Vary Review

‘Lilting’ director Hong Khaou’s second film follows an Englishman’s exploration of his Vietnamese roots


'Prelude': Munich Review

Tense psychological drama about a driven young pianist

I Was I Am I Will Be

‘I Was, I Am, I Will Be’: Munich Review

A ‘Green Card’-style drama cuts deeper than expected in this assured second feature

End Of Sentence

‘End Of Sentence’: Edinburgh Review

John Hawkes and Logan Lerman star in this Irish-set father-and-son road trip