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Over the limit

'Over The Limit': Goteborg Review

Harrowing doc about Russian competitive gymnastics by Marta Prus

The Violin Player

'The Violin Player': Goteborg Review

Finnish playwright Paavo Westerberg makes his directorial debut with this tale of musical obsession


'Piercing': Rotterdam Review

Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott star in this great, if grisly, genre outing from Nicolas Pesce

Annas war

'Anna's War': Rotterdam Review

A six-year-old girl must fight for survival after she escapes a Nazi concentration camp


'Nina': Rotterdam Review

An unhappily married woman embarks on a transformative lesbian affair


'Jimmie': Rotterdam Review

A young boy and his father must flee their Swedish home in the wake of civil unrest


'Insect': Rotterdam Review

An amateur dramatic troupe rehearse their insect play in the latest from surrealist director Jan Švankmajer

The reports on sarah and saleem

'The Reports On Sarah And Saleem': Rotterdam Review

A Palestinian man and an Israeli woman embark on an illicit affair that has devastating consequences


'Amateurs': Rotterdam Review

Two adolescent Swedish girls make a warts-and-all movie about their home town

Djon africa

'Djon Africa': Rotterdam Review

João Miller Guerra and Filipa Reis return to the story of Cape Verde-born Migual Moreira, as he attempts to find his father

All you can eat buddha

'All You Can Eat Buddha': Rotterdam Review

A holidaymaker finds a magical octopus in Ian Lagarde’s intriguing debut

A day

'A Day': Macao Review

A South Korean doctor must relive the day of his daughter’s death until he finds a way to save her

The outlaws

'The Outlaws': Macao Review

Dong Seok-Ma is a no-nonsense cop in Yun-Sung Kang’s gritty crime thriller

Camera still 3

'Camera': Dubai Review

A video camera found deep in the desert reveals the truth behind a series of mysterious deaths.

Cactus flower still 3

'Cactus Flower': Dubai Review

Two Egyptian women find themselves thrown out onto the busy streets of Cairo.

Last recipe

'The Last Recipe': Macao Review

A failing Japanese chef sets out to find a legendary recipe from the 1930s

The charmer

'The Charmer': Dubai Review

An Iranian man seeking a Danish bride finds romance increasingly dark and complex.

The blessed still 2 copy

'The Blessed': Dubai Review

Disillusionment and generational frustrations come to the surface as an Algerian couple celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary

Burnout still 2

'Burnout': Dubai Review

Three story strands interweave against the backdrop of contemporary Morocco.

Zagros still 3

'Zagros': Dubai Review

Jealousy and bitterness accompany a Kurdish shepherd as he follows his wife to Belgium.