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Pigeon Thieves

'The Pigeon Thieves': Sarajevo Review

A teenage pigeon thief attempts to help a young boy escape poverty

Love 1 Dog

'Love 1. Dog': Sarajevo Review

A man living in isolation falls in love with a wounded woman


'Mali': Sarajevo Review

A drug dealer pretends to be a model parent in this Croatian drama

One And A Half Prince

'One And A Half Prince': Sarajevo Review

Three friends find their bond under pressure when one of them falls in love

Never Leave Me

'Never Leave Me': Sarajevo Review

Three oprhan boys band together in Syria

fig tree c daniel miller

Haifa Film Festival unveils programme featuring 77 Israeli titles

The competition sections will showcase 72 new Israeli works.

Hotel By The River

'Hotel By The River': Locarno Review

Dir/Scr Hong Sang-soo. South Korea. 2018. 96mins


'M.': Locarno Review

A strong documentary of abuse and survival in a closed community in Israel

Here And Now

​ ‘Here and Now’: Jerusalem Review

Hip-hop drama set in an Israeli slum is an engaging debut from Roman Shumunov


'Cause Of Death': Jerusalem Review

A feature debut documentary looks at a fatal shooting in Tel Aviv in which all was not how it seemed

Too Late To Die Young

'Too Late To Die Young': Locarno Review

A slow summer in post-Pinochet Chile

Ray & Liz

'Ray & Liz': Locarno Review

Artist Richard Billingham’s debut feature is an autobiographical look at his difficult family life


'Genesis': Locarno Review

Three young people struggle with love and desire

Alice T

'Alice T.': Locarno Review

A mother butts heads with her pregnant daughter


'Sibel': Locarno Review

A mute girl struggles for aceptance in a remote Turkish village


'The Dive': Jerusalem Review

Yona Rozednkeir’s impressive debut is headed next for Locarno


'Redemption': Jerusalem Review

A devout father is faced with a dilemma when trying to raise money for his daughter’s potentially life-saving treatment


‘Illang: The Wolf Brigade’: Review

Kim Jee-woon relocates the cult Japanese animated feature to a Korea on the eve of reunification

Buffalo Boys

‘Buffalo Boys’: New York Asian Film Festival Review

Indonesian western marks producer Mike Wiluan’s directorial debut

Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back)

'Dead In A Week (Or Your Money Back)': Galway Review

Debut comedy from Tom Edmunds features Tom Wilkinson and Christopher Eccleston