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Bros After The Screaming Stops

'After The Screaming Stops': London Review

This film about the reunion of the band Bros is much more than a routine rock doc

The Fight

'The Fight': London Review

UK comedy stalwart Jessica Hynes goes behind the camera for a drama about self-esteem

They Shall Not Grow Old WingNut Films IWM

'They Shall Not Grow Old': London Review

Peter Jackson has remembered them

Irene's Ghost

'Irene's Ghost': London Review

A son tries to trace the story of his late mother in this poignant documentary


'Vs.': London Review

Ed Lily sets his directorial debut in Southend’s battle rap scene, drawing strong performances from his young cast

That Time of Year

'That Time Of Year': London Review

Christmas in Denmark, with Paprika Steen and Sophie Gråbøl as feuding siblings at a family get-together

Sometimes Always Never

'Sometimes Always Never': London Review

Bill Nighy, Jenny Agutter and Sam Riley star in Carl Hunter’s debut feature

Clean Up

'Clean Up': Busan Review

Debut from Kwon Man-ki shares top prize in Busan’s New Currents section

happy new year colin burstead c rook films

'Happy New Year, Colin Burstead': Review

Ben Wheatley goes back to his roots for this family reunion set in a country house over New Year’s Eve

Been so long new site

'Been So Long': London Review

Michaela Coel and Arinze Kene star in this London-set musical, set for release on Netflix after a festival bow


'Maggie': Busan Review

Exuberantly nonsensical debut from South Korea’s Yi Okseop


'Bo-ri': Busan Review

The only hearing member of a deaf family does her best to try and fit in in Kim Jinyu’s well-meaning feature


'Urgent': Busan Review

A group of Moroccan strangers come together in an overburdened Casablanca hospital

The Man Who Bought The Moon

​'The Man Who Bought the Moon': Busan Review

Italian authorities attempt to track down a Sardinian man who has laid claim to the moon

The Little Comrade

'The Little Comrade': Busan Review

A six year old girl copes with life in Stalinist-era Estonia

Bulbul Can Sing

'Bulbul Can Sing': Busan Review

Rima Das follows up ‘Village Rockstars’ with this story of an adolescent girl coming of age in a small Indian village

Good Days Work

'Good Day’s Work’: Busan Review

A well-intentioned family man struggles with a series of unfortunate events


'Distances': Busan Review

Former university friends struggle to reconnect during a strained weekend in Berlin

The Rib

'The Rib': Busan Review

A Chinese man attempts to convince his religious father to accept his transgender identity

Ten Years Japan

'Ten Years Japan': Busan Review

A collection of five stories set a decade into Japan’s future