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'The Rest'

'The Rest': CPH:DOX Review

Ai Weiwei follows up Human Flow with a deeper exploration of the modern refugee crisis

'Vanishing Days'

'Vanishing Days': Hong Kong Review

A 14-year-old girl grapples with her family history during one humid summer

Bodies At Rest1

'Bodies At Rest': Hong Kong Review

Renny Harlin’s Hong Kong-set genre piece opens the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival

'A Dog Barking At The Moon'

'A Dog Barking At The Moon': Hong Kong Review

A pregnant woman finds herself caught between her unhappy mother and homosexual father

'The Lady Improper'

'The Lady Improper': Hong Kong Review

A sexually repressed divorcee has her passion ignited by a free-spirited chef

'G Affairs'

'G Affairs': Hong Kong Review

The lives of several Hong Kong residents are linked via a mysterious severed head

Harry Birrell

'Harry Birrell Presents Films Of Love And War': Glasgow Review

Archive footage from amateur filmmaker Harry Birrell makes for an intriguing documentary

Land Without God

'Land Without God': Dublin Review

Heartbreaking personal documentary about abuses by the Irish state and the Catholic Church


'Automata': Glasgow FrightFest Review

A historian and his stepdaughter investigate a mysterious 18th century mechanical doll

She's Missing

'She's Missing': Dublin Review

When her best friend goes missing, a New Mexico waitress embarks on a dangerous desert mission to find her

Dark Lies The Island

'Dark Lies The Island': Dublin Review

A small, strange Irish town is the setting for this adaptation of Kevin Barry’s short story collections


'Jose': Dublin Review

An impoverished gay man dreams of a life away from the slums of Guatemala City


'Gaza': Dublin Review

Poignant and powerful documentary about day-to-day life in the war-torn city of Gaza

Stitches Šavovi c Nika Fehmiu

'Stitches': Berlin Review

Miroslav Terzić’s film follows a woman in search of the truth

Hail Satan

'Hail Satan?': Rotterdam Review

Penny Lane’s entertaining documentary looks at new rise - or interpretation - of the horned one

Winter After Winter

'Winter After Winter': Rotterdam Review

Xing Jian delivers a meticulously-composed story set in Japanese-occupied Manchuria

Harpoon IFFR

'Harpoon': Rotterdam Review

Gung ho gore on a messy day out on a yacht from Canada’s Ron Grant

God Of The Piano

'God Of The Piano': Rotterdam Review

A concert pianist resorts to desperate measures when her baby son is born with a hearing impairment


'Present.Perfect.': Rotterdam Review

Intriguing documentary exploring China’s modern fascination with live internet streaming

Aren't You Happy

'Aren't You Happy?': Rotterdam Review

A melancholic girl dabbles in post-modern life and love across 15 vignettes