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Fanny Lye Deliver'd

‘Fanny Lye Deliver’d’: London Review

She has been a long time coming, but Fanny Lye certainly does deliver

county lines

‘County Lines’: London Review

The causes and effects of the most recent UK crime blight are laid bare in Henry Blake’s debut


‘Savage’: London Review

Toxic masculinity and its lethal consequences in a New Zealand street gang

Earthquake Bird

‘Earthquake Bird’: London Review

Alicia Vikander returns after ’Tomb Raider’ to play an expat in Tokyo for director Wash Westmoreland and Netflix

Coup 53 Credit_CHRIS_MORPHET

‘Coup 53’: London Review

’A sharp-eyed history lesson that unfolds with the pace and fascination of thriller’

Pink Wall

‘Pink Wall’: London Review

Tom Cullen steps up to write and direct a love story told in annual chapters

Walking With Shadows

‘Walking With Shadows’: London Review

A wife discovers her husband is gay in this exploration of queer Nigeria


‘Perfect 10’: London Review

Scotland’s Eva Riley makes a notable debut

Our Ladies

‘Our Ladies’: London Review

Buckle up for Michael Caton-Jones’ raucous adaptation of ’The Sopranos’


‘Nocturnal’: London Review

Nathalie Biancheri makes her fiction debut with a striking tale of an uneasy friendship between a young girl and an older handyman

the cave c doha film institute

‘The Cave’: London Review

Feras Fayyad’s award-winning documentary follows a female doctor in an underground hospital in Damascus


‘Make Up’: London Review

Claire Oakley’s arresting debut premieres in the LFF’s Sutherland competition.

Los Lobos

‘Los Lobos’: Busan Review

A Mexican mother brings her two young children to the USA in search of a better life


‘Fabulous’: Busan Review

A wannabe-writer befriends a popular Instagram star in this cautionary Canadian drama

White Riot

‘White Riot’: London Review

Rubika Shah’s docmentary tells how, in the 1970s, Rock Against Racism confronted British fascists head-on

Color Out Of Space

‘Color Out Of Space’: London Review

’A cheerfully lurid mess’

Rose Plays Julie

‘Rose Plays Julie’: London Review

A striking work from the Desperate Optimists film-making team

The Accidental Rebel

‘The Accidental Rebel’: Busan Review

A Syrian man finds himself drawn into conflict while searching for his missing brother

An Old Lady

‘An Old Lady’: Busan Review

An elderly Korean woman accuses a male hospital worker of rape

Marghe and Her Mother

’Marghe And Her Mother’: Busan Review

A young Italian single mother falls on hard times