Locarno International Film Festival

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Locarno Open Doors

Locarno unveils projects, producers for 2023 Open Doors

Directors Paz Fábrega and Gloria Carrión among those presenting projects.

'Rule 34'

‘Rule 34’: Locarno Review

Locarno’s Golden Leopard winner is a sensually intimate character study tackling hot-button subject matter

'You Will Not Have My Hate'

‘You Will Not Have My Hate’: Locarno Review

One family’s grief in the wake of the 2015 Bataclan attack is chronicled in this sensitive, moving drama

'Matter Out Of Place'

‘Matter Out Of Place’: Locarno Review

Nikolaus Geyrhalter returns with a sober, engrossing study of the waste society creates


‘Astrakan’: Locarno Review

David Depesseville’s accomplished debut follows a wayward teen navigating the world of foster care

'Human Flowers Of Flesh'

‘Human Flowers Of Flesh’: Locarno Review

Writer-director Helena Wittmann returns with an elliptical study of a yachting trip around the Mediterranean