Europe reviews


Until We Fall

'Until We Fall': Tallinn Review

An impressive, superbly-acted Danish drama about a couple struggling to come to terms with the past


'Sunburn': Tallinn Review

Portugese drama charts the return of a controversial friend into a close-knit group

Two Men In Suits

​ 'Two Men In Suits': Tallinn Review

A multi-generational passion project for the actor-turned-director Josef Bierbichler


'Lysis': Tallinn Review

A German survival thriller where the gopro cameras and the dialogue are under the control of the actors


'Yung': Tallinn Review

A pulsating trip through Berlin’s clublife from actor/director Henning Gronkowski

The Hidden City

'The Hidden City': IDFA Review

A startling view from underground Madrid is one of the year’s breakthrough documentaries


'Kabul, City In The Wind': IDFA Review

Life goes on in Kabul, as its residents stuggle to rebuild and conquer their fears in IDFA’s opening film

His Masters Voice

'His Master's Voice': Tokyo Review

An adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s novel fails to ignite

The Frost

'Before The Frost': Tokyo Review

Michael Noer’s period drama set in 1850s Denmark is grim but never less than gripping

An Impossible Love

'An Impossible Love': London Review

A superior yet highly successful melodrama from Catherine Corsini.

They Shall Not Grow Old WingNut Films IWM

'They Shall Not Grow Old': London Review

Peter Jackson has remembered them

That Time of Year

'That Time Of Year': London Review

Christmas in Denmark, with Paprika Steen and Sophie Gråbøl as feuding siblings at a family get-together

Been so long new site

'Been So Long': London Review

Michaela Coel and Arinze Kene star in this London-set musical, set for release on Netflix after a festival bow

Joy c films boutique 2

'Joy': London Review

Sudabeh Mortezai’s second film is winner of the Europa Cinemas Label


'Urgent': Busan Review

A group of Moroccan strangers come together in an overburdened Casablanca hospital

Float like a butterfly westend

'Float Like A Butterfly': Busan Review

A standout second film from Ireland’s Carmel Winters

The Man Who Bought The Moon

​'The Man Who Bought the Moon': Busan Review

Italian authorities attempt to track down a Sardinian man who has laid claim to the moon

Well Be Young And Beautiful

'We'll Be Young And Beautiful': Busan Review

A former teen pop star attempts to relive former glories with her hapless son in tow


'Distances': Busan Review

Former university friends struggle to reconnect during a strained weekend in Berlin

Richard Says Goodbye IM Global

'Richard Says Goodbye': Zurich Review

Johnny Depp plays an English professor who receives a fatal diagnosis