Europe reviews


Shock waves diary of my mind

'Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind': Berlin Review

Ursula Meier probes a real-life murder in this welcome - if brief - return to form

Shock waves: First Name Mathieu

'Shock Waves - First Name: Mathieu': Berlin Review

The repercussions of violent events responate in one of four ‘Shock Wave’ films


'Fortuna': Berlin Review

Winner of Berlin’s Generation 14plus main award, ’Fortuna’ takes a low-key, show-burn approach to a crisis of faith

in the aisles c sommerhaus filmproduktion : anke neugebauer

'In The Aisles': Berlin Review

Thomas Stuber directs this touching romance starring Sandra Hüller

eldorado c majesticzero one film peter indergand

'Eldorado': Berlin Review

Markus Imhoof follows refugees as they arrive in a hostile Europe, or ‘Eldorado’

My Brother's Name Is Robert And He Is An Idiot

'My Brother's Name Is Robert And He Is An Idiot': Berlin Review

Philip Gröning returns to test the viewer again with this tale of teenage siblings

boys cry c berlinale

'Boys Cry': Berlin Review

Stylish Italian debut charts the fate of two boys who become tangled up with the mob

sundays ilness c lucia faraig

'Sunday's Illness': Berlin Review

A mother and daughter reunite after 30 years

7 days in entebbe c liam daniel

'7 Days In Entebbe': Berlin Review

Working Title’s version of the 1976 Air France hijacking stars Danuel Brühl and Rosamund Pike

daughter of mine c vivo film colorado film match factory productions bord cadre films

'Daughter Of Mine': Berlin Review

A beautifully acted and crafted drama from Laura Bispuri plays in Competition in Berlin

l’ animale c ngf lbf

'L'Animale': Berlin Review

A young tomboy comes to maturity in a small Austrlian town in the second feature from Katharina Mueckstein

3 Days In Quiberon

'3 Days In Quiberon': Berlin Review

Dramatisation of actress Romy Schneider’s incendiary 1981 interview with Stern magazine

the real estate c flybridge 3

'The Real Estate': Berlin Review

A bracingly grotesque character comedy from Sweden plays out in Berlin’s Competition

eva c 2017 macassar productions europacorp arte france cinema njj entertainment scope pictur

'Eva': Berlin Review

It’s business as usual for Isabelle Huppert in Benoît Jacquot’s psycho thriller


'Profile': Berlin Review

Online thriller crackles with tension, despite some credibility issues

transit c schramm film marco kruger

'Transit': Berlin Review

Christian Petzold’s fourth Berlin competition film sees German refugees stuck in France

central airport thf c juan sarmiento

'Central Airport THF': Berlin Review

Karim Aïnouz brings warmth to his documentary about refugees in the former Tempelhof Airport

The bookshop celsius entertainment

'The Bookshop': Berlin Review

Goya-winner from Spain’s Isabel Coixet stars Bill Nighy and Emily Mortimer


'303': Berlin Review

Generation 14 Plus opens with a lengthy road trip from the director of ’The Edukators’


'Pity': Review

A man becomes addicted to playing the victim in this searing Greek character study