Europe reviews


The Accidental Rebel

‘The Accidental Rebel’: Busan Review

A Syrian man finds himself drawn into conflict while searching for his missing brother


‘Paradise’: Busan Review

A Sicilian man develops surprising new friendships while enrolled in witness protection in the Alps

The German Lesson

‘The German Lesson’: Zurich Review

Christian Schwochow probes small-town dynamics in post-war northern Germany

bruno manser

‘Paradise War: The Story Of Bruno Manser’: Zurich Review

Zurich’s ecological-themed opening film is set in Malaysian Borneo


‘Cunningham’: Hamburg Review

Immersive documentary about iconic modernist choreographer Merce Cunningham


‘Patrick’: San Sebastian Review

What happens when a violent young man is found to have been a kidnapped child?

Vitalina Varela

‘Vitalina Varela’: New York Review

Pedro Costa delivers a dark, despairing drama based on the real-life experiences of star Vitalina Varela

The Audition

‘The Audition’: San Sebastian Review

Nina Hoss stars in this Belin-set feature about a violin teacher and her family


‘Lyrebird’: Toronto Review

A member of the Dutch resistance investigates stolen art in World War II Amsterdam


‘The Platform’: Toronto Review

An inventive sci-fi satire set in a futuristic prison delivers some nasty thrills

The Other Lamb

‘The Other Lamb’: Review

A young member of an all-female cult begins to question her allegiance to the group’s domineering leader


‘The Two Popes’: Toronto Review

Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce make a formidable team with Fernando Meirelles


'My Zoe': Toronto Review

Julie Delpy’s impassioned story of a mother’s love for her only child.

The Mafia Is Not What It Used To Be

‘The Mafia Is Not What It Used To Be’: Venice Review

Francesco Maresco explores the impact of the 1992 assassinations of Italian anti-Mafia magistrated Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino


‘Saint Maud’: Toronto Review

A live-in nurse believes she is on a divine mission from God in this powerfully individual debut from Rose Glass

Two Of Us

‘Two Of Us’ (‘Deux’): Toronto Review

Two lesbian lovers must prepare for their romance to become public in Filippo Meneghetti’s sensitive drama


‘Blanco En Blanco’: Venice Review

A photographer develops a dangerous obsession in early 20th Century South America

hope photo by Agnete Brun

‘Hope’: Toronto Review

Stellan Skarsgård co-stars in a strong Scandinavian drama about love and illness