Europe reviews


The Aftermath

'The Aftermath': Review

Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard star as illicit lovers in post-World War II Hamburg

O Beautiful Night

'O Beautiful Night': Berlin Review

After meeting Death, a young German man embarks on a bizarre after-dark adventure


'Elisa And Marcela': Berlin Review

Isabel Coixet’s Netflix drama is a relentlessly tasteful affair

'The Breath'

'The Breath': Berlin Review

Uli M. Schueppel concludes his ‘Berlin Chants’ trilogy

varda by agnes 2

'Varda By Agnès': Berlin Review

Agnès Varda tells her life story, and it’s a pretty picture

farewell to the night

'Farewell To The Night': Berlin Review

Catherine Deneuve stars in the latest drama from André Téchiné

Flesh Out

'Flesh Out': Berlin Review

In Mauritania, northwest Africa, a woman is forced to gain weight for her future husband


'Piranhas': Berlin Review

Young Neapolitan gangsters run roughshod over the city

I Was At Home But

'I Was At Home, But': Berlin Review

A mother struggles to readjust when her missing son returns

Stupid Young Heart (Uwa Iduozee)

'Stupid Young Heart': Berlin Review

A 15-year-old Finnish boy becomes embroiled in the politics of a local right-wing gang

Mr Jones

'Mr Jones': Berlin Review

James Norton is real-life Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, whose 1930s visit to the Ukraine inspired George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Who You Think I Am

'Who You Think I Am': Berlin Review

Juliette Binoche is the 50-something mother posing as a 24-year-old online


'Dafne': Berlin Review

An Italian Down’s Syndrome woman finds new self-confidence after the death of her mother

the operative

'The Operative': Berlin Review

Diane Kruger and Martin Freeman headline this Mossad spy thriller directed by Yuval Adler

God Exists Her Name Is Petrunya

'God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya': Berlin Review

A Macedonian woman faces a vicious backlash when she takes part in a traditionally all-male religious ritual

All My Loving

'All My Loving': Berlin Review

Three middle-aged siblings face the challenges of everyday life

The Miracle Of The Sargasso Sea

'The Miracle Of The Sargasso Sea': Berlin Review

A big city cop exiled to a sleepy coastal town struggles to keep her life on track

the ground beneath my feet c juhany zebra novotnyfilm 2

'The Ground Beneath My Feet': Berlin Revie

Marie Kreutzer’s third feature plays with obsession and psychological disorders

My Extraordinary Summer With Tess (Sal Kroonenberg)

'My Extraordinary Summer With Tess': Berlin Review

Two Dutch adolescents explore life’s big issues during one hot summer

system crasher c Peter Hartwig  kineo  Weydemann Bros  Yunus Roy Imer

'System Crasher': Berlin Review

A troubled nine year-old girl poses a threat to herself and others in Nora Fingscheidt’s debut