Asia Pacific reviews


the cave c doha film institute

‘The Cave’: London Review

Feras Fayyad’s award-winning documentary follows a female doctor in an underground hospital in Damascus

An Old Lady

‘An Old Lady’: Busan Review

An elderly Korean woman accuses a male hospital worker of rape


‘Mindanao’: Busan Review

The latest work from Brillante Mendoza is the emotional story of a Filipino mother

Coming Home Again

‘Coming Home Again’: Busan Review

Real-life tale of a Korean-American writer who returns home to care for his terminally ill mother

John Denver Trending

‘John Denver Trending’: Busan Review

A Filipino high-schooler finds himself the target of a social media witch hunt

Suk Suk

‘Suk Suk’: Busan Review

Two 70-something Hong Kong grandfathers fall for each other in this gentle drama

A Road to Spring

‘A Road To Spring’: Busan Review

When he is accused of a crime, a Chinese factory worker turns amateur detective to find the real culprit


‘Diapason’: Busan Review

A grieving mother fights for justice in Iran’s inherently patriarchal system

Lucky Monster

’Lucky Monster’: Busan Review

A habitually unlucky man wins the lottery in this muddled, cacophonous drama

Dolly Kitty and Those Twinkling Stars

‘Dolly Kitty And Those Twinkling Stars’: Busan Review

Two Indian women navigate the complexities of life in New Delhi


‘Rom’: Busan Review

A teenage boy struggles to survive on the mean streets of Ho Chi Minh City

The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time

‘The Horse Thieves. Roads Of Time’: Busan Review

A Kazakhstan family finds their life turns upside down after their patriarch is killed by horse thieves

The Education

‘The Education’: Busan Review

A young Korean woman develops a relationship with the son of the woman she cares for


‘Jallikattu’: Busan Review

An escaped buffalo stirs up a frenzy of aggression in a small rural Indian village

bruno manser

‘Paradise War: The Story Of Bruno Manser’: Zurich Review

Zurich’s ecological-themed opening film is set in Malaysian Borneo

Gemini Man c Paramount

‘Gemini Man’: Review

Ang Lee raises the bar technically - if not dramatically - in a watershed film

Ride Like A Girl

‘Ride Like A Girl’: Review

Rachel Griffiths makes her directorial debut with this true story of the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup

Lhamo And Skalbe2

‘Lhamo And Skalbe’: San Sebastian Review

Tibetan opera is a highlight of the third feature from Sonthar Gyal


‘Dirt Music’: Toronto Review

Kelly Macdonald puts in a magnetic performance as an unhappy woman searching for a spark


‘Weathering With You’: Toronto Review

Makata Shinkai follows up the global anime sensation ‘Your Name’