Asia Pacific reviews


Rona. Azim's Mother

'Rona, Azim’s Mother': Busan Review

This prize-winner at Busan is also Afghanistan’s entry for the Academy Awards

Clean Up

'Clean Up': Busan Review

Debut from Kwon Man-ki shares top prize in Busan’s New Currents section


'Maggie': Busan Review

Exuberantly nonsensical debut from South Korea’s Yi Okseop


'Urgent': Busan Review

A group of Moroccan strangers come together in an overburdened Casablanca hospital

Your Face

'Your Face': Busan Review

Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang studies the human face

The Little Comrade

'The Little Comrade': Busan Review

A six year old girl copes with life in Stalinist-era Estonia

The Man Who Bought The Moon

​'The Man Who Bought the Moon': Busan Review

Italian authorities attempt to track down a Sardinian man who has laid claim to the moon

Bulbul Can Sing

'Bulbul Can Sing': Busan Review

Rima Das follows up ‘Village Rockstars’ with this story of an adolescent girl coming of age in a small Indian village

Well Be Young And Beautiful

'We'll Be Young And Beautiful': Busan Review

A former teen pop star attempts to relive former glories with her hapless son in tow

Good Days Work

'Good Day’s Work’: Busan Review

A well-intentioned family man struggles with a series of unfortunate events


'Distances': Busan Review

Former university friends struggle to reconnect during a strained weekend in Berlin

The Rib

'The Rib': Busan Review

A Chinese man attempts to convince his religious father to accept his transgender identity

Ten Years Japan

'Ten Years Japan': Busan Review

A collection of five stories set a decade into Japan’s future

Sub-Zero Wind

'Sub-Zero Wind': Busan Review

A teenager’s difficult relationship with her mother and stepfather plays out over several years

First Night Nerves

'First Night Nerves': Busan Review

Rival actresses engage in a high-camp extended catfight

Night Light

'Night Light': Busan Review

The end of a life is detailed in the slowest of slow cinema from visual artist Kim Moonyoung

A Ducks Grin

'A Duck’s Grin': Busan Review

A sullen man returns to his hometown in search of his former girlfriend

They Sing Up On The Hill

'They Sing Up On The Hill': Busan Review

Two Mongolian youngsters make sweet music together in this Mongolian-British musical romance

A Boy And Sungreen

'A Boy And Sungreen': Busan Review

A high school student searches for his missing father with the help of his best friend


'Youngju': Busan Review

A teenage girl fights to support her troublesome brother after the death of their parents