Asia Pacific reviews


White Blood

'White Blood': Macao Review

An Argentinian drug mule faces the horrific consequences of her actions

Aruna And Her Palate

'Aruna & Her Palate': Macao Review

A epidemiologist goes in search of disease and local delicacies in this quirky road-trip movie

Dear Ex

'Dear Ex': Macao Review

A young man grows close to his late father’s male lover in this comic melodrama

Up The Mountain

'Up The Mountain': Macao Review

Zhang Yang’s well-observed documentary captures a traditional way of life


'Jesus': Macao Review

A shy young boy finds a friend in Jesus in Hiroshi Okuyama’s original debut

Suburban Birds

'Suburban Birds': Macao Review

Past and present are linked in this intriguing feature debut from Qiu Sheng

Winter's Night

'Winter's Night': Tallinn Review

A wistful tale of lost love from South Korea’s Jang Woo-jin

A Cool Fish

​‘A Cool Fish’: Review

Rao Xiaozhi’s second feature tackles hot-button social issues in China

Last  Letter

‘Last Letter’: Review

Shunji Iwai captures the mood in China with his first film to be set and filmed there

A First Farewell

'A First Farewell': Tokyo Review

A young Chinese boy confronts the end of his way of life in rural China

His Masters Voice

'His Master's Voice': Tokyo Review

An adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s novel fails to ignite

Another World

'Another World': Tokyo Review

Three childhood friends find reunion to be a rocky road in Junji Sakamoto’s intimate drama.

Three Husbands

'Three Husbands': Tokyo Review

A young woman attempts to sate her addiction to sex in the final instalment of Fruit Chan’s ‘Prostitute Trilogy’

The Poet

'The Poet': Tokyo Review

A poet and his wife long to escape the confines of their rural mining town

Project Gutenberg

'Project Gutenberg': Tokyo Review

An expert counterfeiter turns police witness in Felix Chong’s crime thriller

Rona. Azim's Mother

'Rona, Azim’s Mother': Busan Review

This prize-winner at Busan is also Afghanistan’s entry for the Academy Awards

Clean Up

'Clean Up': Busan Review

Debut from Kwon Man-ki shares top prize in Busan’s New Currents section


'Maggie': Busan Review

Exuberantly nonsensical debut from South Korea’s Yi Okseop


'Urgent': Busan Review

A group of Moroccan strangers come together in an overburdened Casablanca hospital

Your Face

'Your Face': Busan Review

Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang studies the human face