Venice Film Festival Reviews


The Mafia Is Not What It Used To Be

‘The Mafia Is Not What It Used To Be’: Venice Review

Francesco Maresco explores the impact of the 1992 assassinations of Italian anti-Mafia magistrated Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino


‘Atlantis’: Venice Review

Valentyn Vasyanovych’s film, set in Eastern Ukraine of the near future, is the winner of the grand prize at Venice’s Orrizonti


‘Blanco En Blanco’: Venice Review

A photographer develops a dangerous obsession in early 20th Century South America

Waiting For The Barbarians

‘Waiting For The Barbarians’: Venice Review

Mark Rylance shines in this otherwise bloated adaptation of J.M.Coetzee’s novel

‘Lingua Franca’

‘Lingua Franca’: Venice Review

A transgender Filipina woman cares for a Russian-Jewish grandmother in Brooklyn

madre (1)

‘Madre’: Venice Review

Another intriguing - and satisfying - drama from Spain’s Rodrigo Sorogoyen

hava-maryam-ayesha (1)

‘Hava, Maryam, Aleysha’: Venice Review

With her debut feature, Sahraa Karimi explores the lives of three Afghan women


‘State Funeral’: Venice Review

Sergei Loznitsa explores the national impact of Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953


‘Gloria Mundi’: Venice Review

An ex-convict travels to meet his newborn granddaughter and reconnect with his estranged family

The Domain

‘The Domain’: Venice Review

The chronicle of a Portuguese land-owning family as their fortunes change across 45 years


‘Mosul’: Venice Review

The true story of an Iraqi SWAT team waging war against ISIS in Mosul


‘Saturday Fiction’: Venice Review

A Chinese actress returns to 1940s Shanghai to star in a play by her former lover


‘Arab Blues’: Venice Review

After living in Paris since childhood, a Tunis-born psychoanalyst returns to her homeland


‘Babyteeth’: Venice Review

A cancer-stricken teen strikes up a relationship with an older drug dealer


‘Collective’: Venice Review

Accomplished documentary about the 2015 Bucharest nightclub fire and subsequent healthcare scandal

Guest Of Honour

‘Guest Of Honour’: Venice Review

A man and his adult daughter attempt to unravel their knotty relationship in Atom Egoyan’s measured drama


‘About Endlessness’: Venice Review

Swedish maestro Roy Andersson’s unique blend of pared-down mournful comedy continues with this series of 35-odd cinematic fragments


‘Joker’: Venice Review

Super-villain origins story starring Joaquin Phoenix is a very dark gag indeed

Haugerud - BEWARE OF CHILDREN 3 photo by Lars Olav Dybvig

‘Beware Of Children’: Venice Review

The death of a child on the playing field is the starting point for this probing drama from Norway

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