Sundance Film Festival


‘Sirens’: Thessaloniki Review

The Middle-East’s only all-female thrash metal rock band balance friendship, romance and radicalsim in conservative Lebanon

A House Made of Splinters

‘A House Made Of Splinters’: Thessaloniki Review

In pre-war Ukraine, an orphanage for temporary placements tries to deal with the psychological wounds of conflict


‘Descendant’: Sundance Review

The search for the last slave ship brings emotion ashore in this sobering documentary set in Mobile, Alabama

The Cow Who Sang Into The Future

‘The Cow Who Sang A Song Into The Future’: Sundance Review

Ambitious magical-realist tale from Chile about motherhood and the natural world

Brian and Charles

‘Brian And Charles’: Sundance Review

British director Jim Archer extends his award-winning short into a warm-hearted comedy