Sundance Film Festival reviews



‘The Sparks Brothers’: Hot Docs Review

Edgar Wright deconstructs the elusive Mael Brothers

Captains of Zaatari

‘Captains Of Zaatari’: Sundance Review

In a refugee camp in Jordan, football offers hope to two young boys


‘Hive’: Sundance Review

Kosovo-set winner of Sundance’s World Dramatic section looks set to be a firm audience favourite as well

Courtesy of Sundance Institute, photo by Pauli Murray Foundation.

‘My Name Is Pauli Murray’: Sundance Review

A person far, far ahead of their time

Life In A Day 2020

‘Life In A Day’: Sundance Review

Kevin Mcdonald returns to format

All Light, Everywhere

‘All Light, Everywhere’: Sundance Review

When we cannot believe our eyes


‘Pleasure’: Sundance Review

Rigorously-researched drama about a Swedish girl who wants to make it big in LA’s porn business


‘Mayday’: Rotterdam Review

Feisty feminists, militant weirdness as director Karen Cinorre makes her debut with Grace von Patten and Mia Goth

Prisoners Of The Ghostland

‘Prisoners Of The Ghostland’: Sundance review

Will Sion Sono and Nicolas Cage prove to be the pulpy dream team that genre fans have been anticipating?

First Date

‘First Date’: Sundance Review

Things don’t go entirely to plan when Mike buys a beaten-up car to impress girl-next-door Kelsey


‘Jockey’: Sundance Review

An ageing jockey is forced to acknowledge some truths in Clint Bentley’s modest debut


‘Land’: Sundance Review

Robin Wright directs and stars in a story of grief and acceptance

Together Together

‘Together Together’: Sundance Review

A gentle surrogate comedy starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison

Misha And The Wolves

‘Misha And The Wolves’: Sundance Review

Did the author of a renowned Holocaust memoire really cry wolf?

Taming The Garden

‘Taming The Garden’: Sundance Review

In Georgia, giant trees are being uprooted and amassed by a billionaire

On The Count Of three

‘On The Count Of Three’: Sundance Review

A suicide pact between two depressed men is the basis of Jerrod Carmichael’s off-kilter comedy

Eight For Silver

‘Eight For Silver’: Sundance Review

Sean Ellis bays at the moon in this deliciously slippery werewolf drama

Wrting With Fire photo by Black Ticket Films.

‘Writing With Fire’: Sundance Review

Dalit women defy discrimination by setting up a journalistic organisation - and making it a success story

R#J phoro charles murphy

‘R#J’: Sundance Review

Thus with a kiss….and a mobile phone…