Middle East & Africa reviews



'Synonyms': Berlin Review

Nadav Lapid’s telling of his own life story

the operative

'The Operative': Berlin Review

Diane Kruger and Martin Freeman headline this Mossad spy thriller directed by Yuval Adler

Midnight Traveller

'Midnight Traveler': Sundance Review

A remarkable achievement from the Fazili family as they catalogue their flight from persecution

Mussolini's Sister

'Mussolini's Sister': IDFA Review

In Nazareth, the director’s formidable grandmother slowly teases out a life of hardship


'Kabul, City In The Wind': IDFA Review

Life goes on in Kabul, as its residents stuggle to rebuild and conquer their fears in IDFA’s opening film

On her shoulders

'On Her Shoulders': Review

Dir/ed/cine: Alexandria Bombach. US. 2018. 94mins

Rona. Azim's Mother

'Rona, Azim’s Mother': Busan Review

This prize-winner at Busan is also Afghanistan’s entry for the Academy Awards

Working Woman

'Working Woman': Busan Review

An of-the-moment portrayal of sexual harrassment in the post-#metoo era from Israel’s Michal Aviad

Welcome To Sodom

'Welcome To Sodom': Zurich Review

Documentary is set on a wasteground for the world’s electronics outside Accra, Ghana


'Halef': Adana Review

A Turkish man must contend with a stranger who believes he is the reincarnation of his dead brother

In Between

'In Between': Adana Review

A Turkish car mechanic struggles to overcome the language barrier in his search for love


'Kaos': Adana Review

Three men trapped in a cave by a storm reflect on their past misdemeanours

DACHRA Celluloid Dreams

'Dachra': Venice Review

School students uncover the mysteries of a creepy village in this Tunisian horror

The Announcement

'The Announcement': Venice Review

Comedy of the absurd relates a long-forgotten attempted coup in Turkey

Tel Aviv On Fire

'Tel Aviv On Fire': Venice Review

A fictional TV soap opera is the backdrop for intelligent commentary on Israeli-Palestinian relations


'M.': Locarno Review

A strong documentary of abuse and survival in a closed community in Israel

Here And Now

'Here and Now': Jerusalem Review

Hip-hop drama set in an Israeli slum is an engaging debut from Roman Shumunov


'Cause Of Death': Jerusalem Review

A feature debut documentary looks at a fatal shooting in Tel Aviv in which all was not how it seemed


'Redemption': Jerusalem Review

A devout father is faced with a dilemma when trying to raise money for his daughter’s potentially life-saving treatment

capernaum c fares sokhon

'Capernaum': Cannes Review

Lebanese director Nadine Labaki delivers a powerful story about a 12 year-old boy who takes his parents to court