Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival



International attendees praise Tallinn’s genre forum, festival unity amid conflicts

Projects ‘The Elf’, ‘Truth Or Consquences’; festival film ‘Falling Into Place’ all receive plaudits.


‘Familiar’: Tallinn Review

A Romanian director attempts to shape his family’s darkest secrets into a film in the abrasive latest from Calin Peter Netzer

The Moon Is Upside Down

‘The Moon Is Upside Down’: Tallinn Review

The lives of three lonely New Zealand women intersect in Tallinn’s First Feature winner

Once Again (for the very first time)

‘Once Again’ (for the very first time)’: Tallinn Review

A street dancer and a poet form a creative connection in Boaz Yakin’s unconventional New York romance

Bad Actor

‘Bad Actor’: Tallinn Review

Intense Mexican drama observes what happens when an actor crosses a line during a sex scene

The G

‘The G’: Tallinn Review

Dale Dickey shines as a pensioner woman determined to take revenge on those who would exploit her