Tribeca Film Festival


Wild Men

Samuel Goldwyn Films swoops on Tribeca hit ‘Wildmen’ (exclusive)

Paris-based sales company Charades launched the film at the online EFM in March.

The Novice

‘The Novice’: Tribeca Review

A collegiate rower pushes herself to extremes in Lauren Hadaway’s accomplished feature debut

No Sudden Move

‘No Sudden Move’: Tribeca Review

Steven Soderbergh explores the dark underbelly of 1950s Detroit in this knotty heist drama

'False Positive'

‘False Positive’: Tribeca Review

A ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ for the modern age

'Werewolves Within'

‘Werewolves Within’: Tribeca Review

Director Josh Ruben’s take on the VR game mostly howls in vain


‘Fathom’: Tribeca Review

A siren song of the sea and the mysterious creatures who swim in it