Cannes Film Festival reviews



‘Olga’: Cannes Review

Swiss debut about an obsessive gymnast en route to the Olympics is a timely release for director Elie Grappe

La civil

‘La Civil’: Cannes Review

Teodora Mihai makes an explosive fiction debut with this thriller set in Mexico

Mariner Of The Mountains

‘Mariner Of The Mountains’: Cannes Review

Smooth sailing for Brazil’s Karim Ainouz as he traces his family’s recent past back to Algeria

Restless (1)

‘The Restless’: Cannes Review

A seemingly perfect marriage begins to collapse under the weight of mental illness


‘Vortex’: Cannes Review

Gaspar Noé’s last taboo is old age and dementia and an utterly sobering experience

Emergency Declaration

‘Emergency Declaration’: Cannes Review

Drama on a plane from Seoul to Honolulu as a deadly virus is unleashed


‘Nitram’: Cannes Review

Justin Kurzel tracks the mental disintegration of Australia’s notorious mass murderer, played by Caleb Landry Jones

Marx Can Wait

‘Marx Can Wait’: Cannes Review

Marco Bellocchio looks back in sadness at the death of his twin brother

Tsugua Diaries

‘The Tsugua Diaries’: Cannes Review

Miguel Gomes and Maureen Fazendeiro deliver .the oddest, most playful product of lockdown cinema.

In Front Of Your Face

‘In Front Of Your Face’: Cannes Review

Hong Sangsoo’s second film this year goes to the essence of his film-making style


‘Belle’: Cannes Review

Mirai’s Mamoru Hosoda plays in a virtual realm with this captivating alternate-reality animation

Casablanca Beats

‘Casablanca Beats’: Cannes Review

A vibrant musical from Nabil Ayouch, shot over two years at the cultural centre he founded


‘France’: Cannes Review

A surprising swerve from formerly austere auteur Bruno Dumont showcases Lea Seydoux as the title character


‘Memoria’: Cannes Review

Tilda Swinton experiences a tropical malady in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Cannes Competition entry, filmed and set in Colombia

Prayers for The Stolen

‘Prayers For The Stolen’: Cannes Review

Tatiano Huezo’s intimate tale of Mexican adolescents makes its bow in Un Certain Regard

Hold Me Tight

‘Hold Me Tight’: Cannes Review

Mathieu Amalric adapts and directs this demanding arthouse film about loss and abandonment starring Vicky Krieps

Feathers c Still Moving

‘Feathers’: Cannes Review

Unsettling, wry drama/comedy from Egypt is the winner of the 2021 Critics’ Week top prize at Cannes

Paris, 13th District

‘Paris, 13th District’: Cannes Review

Jacques Audiard reinvents his own cinema with this fresh story of lovers inter-twined in today’s Paris

The Story Of My Wife

‘The Story Of My Wife’: Cannes Review

Ildiko Enyedi’s lengthy and lifeless drama adapts the 1942 novel by Milan Fust

The Year Of The Everlasting Storm

‘The Year Of The Everlasting Storm’: Cannes Review

Seven short films mix documentary and fiction to paint a portrait of pandemic life