Cannes Film Festival reviews



‘The Orphanage’: Review

A teenage boy in Afghanistan is sent to a Russian-run facility in this Bollywood-inspired follow-up to ’Wolf And Sheep’

Fire Will Come

‘Fire Will Come’: Review

Oliver Laxe’s prize-winning feature continues is strikingly beautiful and meditative

Dogs Don't Wear Pants

‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’: Review

BDSM sex drama from Finland proves to be surprisingly non-confrontational

the whistlers

‘The Whistlers’: Review

Corneliu Porumboiu delivers a crime thriller set in the Canary Island of La Gomera


‘Bull’: Review

Two mismatched, desperate souls find each other in the rodeo bull-ring.

Deerskin c Directors Fortnight

‘Deerskin’: Review

A ’winningly offbeat and unexpected’ dark comedy from Quentin Dupieux.