Cannes Film Festival reviews


The Water Mumurs

Cannes 2022: the stand-out short films

Screen mentee and Unifrance Critics Lab participant Alexandria Slater journeys through this year’s short films from Cannes.


‘Masquerade’: Cannes Review

Nicolas Bedos’ mystery thriller has the suspense and sardonic wit of the Hollywood classics

Mother And Son

‘Mother And Son’: Cannes Review

A sensitive and complex triptych of a migrant family from the Ivory Coast arriving in 1980s France

Showing Up

‘Showing Up’: Cannes Review

Michelle Williams stars in Kelly Reichardt’s first Cannes Competition entry, a wry comedy about a solitary sculptor

The Strange Case Of Jacky Caillou

‘The Strange Case of Jacky Caillou’: Cannes Review

Lucas Delangle’s offbeat debut concerns a young man torn between mysticism and music


‘Magdala’: Cannes Review

Damien Manivel creates a gentle, unhurried portrait of Mary Magdalene in this melancholy autumnal tale


‘Salam’: Cannes Review

Doc exploring French rap star Diam’s mental health and conversion to Islam is compromised by the involvement of its subject

For The Sake Of Peace

‘For The Sake Of Peace’: Cannes Review

Forest Whitaker-backed doc follows two young South Sudanese people determined to reclaim their country


‘The Beasts’: Cannes Review

Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s psychological thriller about outsiders in a Galician village is ’a brooding, muscular piece of filmmaking’


‘Dodo’: Cannes Review

Panos Koutras’ chaotic comedy farce is an ambitious fresco of a family’s existential crisis


‘Close’: Cannes Review

Lukas Dhont’s |Grand Prix-winning picture is an intimate, quietly devastating study of childhood friendship between two boys


‘Rebel’: Cannes Review

Adil & Bilall’s family drama about Jihad radicalisation hits close to home for the Belgian-Moroccan duo


‘Broker’: Cannes Review

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s first Korean-language picture is a sensitive and compassionate look at the market for unwanted children


‘Pacifiction’: Cannes Review

Albert Serra’s latest is the strangely captivating tale of a colourful politician in French Polynesia

The Vagabonds

‘The Vagabonds’: Cannes Review

Doroteya Droumeva’s feature debut follows a woman searching for relationships with younger men in Berlin

Burning Days

‘Burning Days’: Cannes Review

Emin Alper’s tense Turkish thriller critiquing maschismo is a standout among this year’s films in Un Certain Regard

The Green Perfume

‘The Green Perfume’: Cannes Review

Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lacoste star in Nicolas Pariser’s whimsical comedy adventure


‘1976’: Cannes Review

An impressive and moving debut from actor turned director Manuela Martelli

The Blue Caftan

‘The Blue Caftan’: Cannes Review

This beautifully textured Moroccan drama is a ’superbly acted and emotionally resonant offering’

Butterfly Vision_dir by Maksim NAKONECHNYI

‘Butterfly Vision’: Cannes Review

Maksym Nakonechnyi’s debut feature is a sensitive meditation on the psychological effects of war