Cannes Film Festival reviews


Should The Wind Drop

‘Should The Wind Drop’: Thessaloniki Review

In forgotten - and disputed - Nagorno Karabakh a new airport is a beacon for hope

After Love

‘After Love’: London Review

Joanna Scanlan delivers a powerhouse performance in this pensive debut by Aleem Khan

John Belushi. Photo Credit Judy Belushi Pisano - Courtesy of SHOWTIME.

‘Belushi’: Review

The life and death of Chicago’s beloved, but wildly self-destructive comedian

The Swarm

‘The Swarm’: Cannes Label Review

Crunchy debut about a locust farm which was set for Cannes Critics Week and bought by Netflix

pixar soul

‘Soul’: London Review

Delayed now until Christmas Day streaming, Pixar’s stunning animation doesn’t disappoint

Last Words

‘Last Words’: Cannes Label Review

Jonathan Nossiter enlists a starry cast for his end-of-days misfire

Forgotten We'll Be

‘Forgotten We’ll Be ('Memories Of My Father')’: San Sebastian Review

Spain’s premiere festival signs out its 2020 edition with a sentimental drama from Fernando Trueba

Another Round

‘Another Round’: Toronto Review

’Compelling, and more than a little sobering’


‘Falling’: Toronto Review

Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut features Lance Henriksen as an angry patriarch grappling with dementia

Nadia Butterfly

‘Nadia, Butterfly’: Cannes Label 2020 Review

Insider’s view of the end of an Olympic swimming career

Summer of 85

‘Summer Of 85’: Review

Francois Ozon’s film of an English novel was selected for Cannes and now releases on Bastille Day across France


‘Peninsula’: Review

Zombies have destroyed the entire Korean peninsula in Yeon Sang-ho’s follow-up to ’Train To Busan’.


‘Love Affair(s)’: Cannes 2020 Label Review

Emmanuel Mouret delivers his take on the ‘Unapolagetic French Art Film’

Il Mio Corpo 2

‘Il Mio Corpo’: ACID Review

A hardscrabble life in Sicily is illuminated by Michele Pennetta’s heartfelt doc

Gagarine Haut et Court

‘Gagarine’: Cannes Label 2020 Review

An audacious feature debut shoots for the stars


‘Paradise’: Cannes Market Review

In Tahiti, two cousins represent the past and the future of an island at the crossroads

The Death Of Cinema And My Father Too

‘The Death of Cinema and My Father Too’: Cannes 2020 Label Review

Self-reflexive debut from Israel boasts an ambitiously labyrinthine structure


‘Sweat’: Cannes Label 2020 Review

Smartly focused story about the life and lack of soul of a social influencer

Josep cannes 2020

‘Josep’: Cannes 2020 Label Review

A delicate rendering of how Spanish artist Josep Bartoli escaped a prision camp in France

© Slalom - Mille et une productions

‘Slalom’: Cannes 2020 Label Review

Jérémie Renier and Ava’s Noée Abita star in this provocative drama set in an elite ski school